How to Make Chewy Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies! – CookwithApril

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  1. luannierodriguez says:

    Omg this looks delicious!

  2. hellokitty143ish says:

    What do you mean about two eggs? About?


    @ilovemybear24 well if your butter was really soft as in melted then that could be why, or if you used large eggs

  4. razmatazemma says:

    Culd you do healthy vegetarian meals?

  5. ItsKalasLife says:

    I don’t think so.

  6. Freedom4561 says:

    1 cup= 250 ml = 8 oz 

  7. miseryy1111 says:

    how much is one cup? we don’t really measure in cups in my country 8-) cheers

  8. Freedom4561 says:

    im jealous of your future kids.

  9. monolizm says:

    how much in gramms is a cup here?

  10. Tina Price says:

    Justin makes me want to eat this soooo bad!

  11. unpopped says:


  12. Julie Thai says:

    Can we use oil instead of butter?

  13. Diana Fajardo says:

    360 = 180C?

  14. LittleBosses2 says:

    Your loudd !!!! Everytime yu start a video !!! Thats the shot i dont like who agrees ?

  15. Gwapixs202 says:

    Mmmmmm! Yummy!

  16. Mishell Tea says:

    I love your cooking videos ahhh

  17. Mini J says:

    Really easy recipie. I will try it this weekend :)

  18. seven13mami says:

    Ooooh, chocolate overload! :)

  19. misaki covington says:

    yummy! i love cookies

  20. Miqordabella1 says:

    I mean Recipes lol sorry of my english ^_^

  21. Miqordabella1 says:

    Why the resepe not anymore in blow its onley on video

  22. 1DimensionOfficial says:

    Woo my lemon bars pic is mentioned

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