How To Make Butter Cookies That Are Melt In Your Mouth Delicious- by Rockin Robin

These butter cookies are so easy to make and they are delicious. Butter is the main flavor but I use several extracts for a hint of vanilla, almond and lemon…

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  1. burningitx says:

    Great recipe Robin! I will give these a try …what do you think about
    dipping them in melted chocolate :) 

  2. cinthyatellis says:

    Easy and mouth watering but will you post how much amount in every
    ingredient thanks 

  3. marie Savino says:

    Robin these are gorgeous!. My mother in law is having a xmas break up with
    her church group next Tuesday & she has asked med to make her a couple of
    treats to share with her friends. These are perfect & I will make them for
    her. I am also making apple cinamon cupcakes. Do you think I could make the
    cookies a couple of days ahead?

  4. artinpastel says:

    My mom always made these….I love them! Thanks for sharing…they are even
    simple enough for me to make.:)

  5. Deborah Davis says:

    Yum …….butter cookies!! This is going to be one of my holiday cookies
    this year thank you so much for this and ALL your videos!! Hope you have a
    wonderful Christmas!!

  6. AliciaLynn23 says:

    I just made these and I looove them! Definitely keeping the recipe on hand
    for future occasions!!

  7. raveen2481 says:

    I love butter cookies and thank you for the recipe. Is it OK to just add
    the vanilla extract and splenda instead of sugar ? 

  8. Nancy O says:

    Thank you for this recipe , I have been wanting a good butter cookie recipe

  9. heavenly8173 says:

    Look really great we have so much fun watching you cook be blessed!!!

  10. theresa bollman says:

    The tiny l;ittle cookies are always the most elegant. Very Nice and thank

  11. Cookedbyjulie says:

    I found your channel the other day and I loved it! seen your enchilada
    video with your niece and thought it was great! :) 

  12. Willa Dios says:

    Robin, can I use a cookie press for these cookies or will a cookie press
    make cookies that are too big?

  13. Disaya says:

    These look great, I going to have to try them out. Thank you Robin. :) 

  14. FitAnge S says:

    Great cookies Robyn. Love the melt in your mouth kind. Happy holidays to

  15. Rockin Robin's Cooking Mexican Recipes says:

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