How To Make Basic Spritz Cookies

Chef Remy shows how to make basic Spritz Cookies using a cookie press. By simply adding peanut butter, chocolate, lemon, or dozens of other ingredients, this basic recipe becomes the starting point. Other more complex recipes follow. INGREDIENTS: 1 cup shortening ¾ cup sugar 2 ¼ cups flour, sifted 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla extract ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp baking powder METHOD: Cream shortening and sugar well. Beat in egg and vanilla. Blend dry ingredients, flour, salt, and baking powder, together. Then gradually add to shortening egg mixture blending smooth. Form a ball and fill tube of cookie press. Excess may be set aside, covered with wrap to keep from drying out. Pick a cookie design and use cookie press to form cookies on an ungreased cookie sheet. Cookies may be baked in a 350 degree oven in 10-12 minutes. Place cookies on a wire rack to cool. Greetings! We are busy in the kitchen making all kinds of holiday treats! This weekend was our regular round of Christmas cookies. Now these are not your ordinary cookies, these are super special. My Nanny (mom’s mom) and my mom both made these type of pressed butter and sugar cookies. They are delicious and so special. They look great on a cookie tray or included in your holiday baskets to friends and family. We will be making several different types of pressed cookies in the coming week, and today we are beginning with the basic Spritz Cookie Recipe. A simple butter cookie dough that is put through a traditional cookie press. Any type of press will work. I prefer the SAWA 2000 press from Sweden. I don’t think that they make these any longer, so I really kind of covet this contraption. No matter what type of press you use, or even if you just put these through a pastry bag, they will turn out lovely. Sprinkle them with colored sugar, non-pariels, or plop a halved candied cherry in the middle and make them even more special. I hope you try these and I hope you enjoy them! As always, Happy Gifting and Merry Christmas. For even more holiday recipes and 7 holiday menu plans, check out Noreen’s Kitchen Holiday Helper, available for instant download at the following link
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  1. Donna Hearn says:

    thanks fir the review, i thought i had to roll dough out but now i see i don’t have thanks.

  2. belaglik says:

    Not the “sexiest” video I have seen, but very informative. I love how the kitchen looks like ordinary people’s kitchens! I also like how you show that those can be made in a toaster oven. It’s summertime as I am posting this and I am tired of heating up the house, but I wasn’t sure a toaster oven would give good results, but it looks like it’s worth a try. I really liked the tip of using one of those splatter screens as a cooling rack. I have one of those, but I never thought of doing that. :)

  3. Simon Jay says:

    Nicely done, thanks for sharing your video chef :)

  4. lambikins says:

    Excellent video!!! I just received a cookie press for Christmas but was afraid to use it. watched other videos, but I I didn’t care for them. You have a nice and calm manner. Thank you!!!

  5. Penhappy101 says:

    Nicely done! I know some cookie recipes call for shortening–when they do I use organic shortening–or sometimes half butter, half organic shortening.which has no bad anything. I also use mostly organic ingredients–but the way to a great tasting cookie has many paths! :)

  6. newjerseybt says:

    I would have used real butter instead (for more taste). But thats me. If using butter, I would have mixed all wet ingredients first with the sugar to break down the sugar granuals else the cookies have a tendency to spread out more than usual and lose their shapes. Good value using Walmart ingredients! Looks like a Mirro press at the end. The older 1950s model #358 uses metal tips which might wear better.

  7. AuntDuddie says:

    Hungry Hubby just called and he found the Sawa 2000 on ebay for a buy it now for $29.00. I’m sticking my dough in the freezer. I use my mothers recipe too. I can’t wait!

  8. AuntDuddie says:

    I just can’t work my cookie press any more. I am way too injured. Soooo, I looked up the Sawa 2000 on ebay – out of stock – and Amazon – $79.00. I almost passed out.

  9. markcumbriauk says:

    I just bought a sawa2000, after watching Yours in action, the only difference is Mine has a transparent tube

  10. notlostinspace says:


  11. Lorna M says:

    how do spritz cookies differ from shortbread? is it just the added egg and vanilla?

  12. atticus9799 says:

    I agree with you 100 percent! I actually have two of them. That way my girls will each get one! I love it and it is the most perfect cookie press I have ever used, in my opinion. Others simply pale in comparison!

  13. Per Magnus Haaland says:

    two people regret they got rid of their Sawa 2000 :)
    awesome vid, btw. Got one myself, and it will stay that way, until my children start the fight over who’ll inherit it.

  14. 4mekz3 says:

    I thought that this would be a great thing to do with my kids. And they are. I bought the Wilton cookie press (not battery) .. only a couple of the plates work. The rest wont separate from the unit. Kinda sucks. I am going to look into getting a better one because my kids loved making these cookies..

  15. kitty22605 says:

    i have had sawa 2000 in my garage and i barely figured out what it was!!!!! and im so happy i never knew :D  it makes perfect cookies

  16. TheEndeavoringFamily says:

    My Sawa 2000 came yesterday!! I am so stoked! We’ll be making cookies all night now!

  17. Atochabsh says:

    Thanks for your reply. I do think my oven runs quite hot. I had bought a oven thermometer but it glazed over so you could not read it. Guess I need to get another. :-) Brought the cookies to work and gave them to the “kids” (20ish year olds) in shipping and receiving. I understand they barely lasted 20 min.! Going to make more for Christmas thanks again.

  18. DuckysDoll says:

    I just bought a press and have been looking for a recipe on you tube… instantly knew to go to you!!! =)

  19. atticus9799 says:

    These come out the same way every time. They are just as I remember. They are not supposed to be a moist cookie. They are supposed to be dry and buttery.I have no suggestions, but if you feel yours came out dry, you may want to calibrate your oven thermostat, it may be off on the high side and you may not even know it. Thanks for watching and commenting. Noreen

  20. atticus9799 says:

    I only use all purpose flour unless I say something different. I don’t purchase self rising flour. I will sometimes use bread flour, but in everything else it is all purpose. Thanks for watching and commenting. Noreen : )

  21. meharris0925 says:

    I am not a baker, but when you say 2 1/4 cups of flour, I always get confused. Is that all purpose or self rising? Thanks, I will be making lots of cookies this weekend for Monday gifts at work. I have a bunch from you and others I found on the internet such as Mexican Wedding Cookies. You always give me such good ideas.

  22. Atochabsh says:

    enjoyed your video. I lost my recipe and so made your’s the other night. I was very careful to make sure they did not over cook, but they came out kind of dry. Drier then I remember them being. Any suggestions?

  23. lilydawn says:

    We always add food coloring and change design plates for multiple batches. A differentcolor for each different plate. Obviously the Christmas trees were green and Santa Claus was red. I have my mother’s cookie press now.


    We too love Spritz cookies and I do have the turning one your Mom has. I have arthitis in my hands and this is the first year I am not making them, because that cookie press is so hard on the hands and wrists. Plus, they stick coming out. I notice with your AWESOME press it is not sticking. Do you do something special? I always had to chill the dough…you don’t? Thank you for the wonderful video. Smiles, Lark

  25. blairseybell says:

    I just ordered that cooky book!

  26. Lois Laney says:

    Your daughter made me laugh. “Who are you talking to?” LOL Cookies looked great!!

  27. AnnBearForFreedom says:

    I suspect you only loved the cookie press because your mom hated it. A rebellious child to the bitter end, hmm? And please tell Rick I will be his first purchaser of bacon exttract.

  28. katzcradul says:

    My grandma and mother made them every Christmas, and they always had a candied red cherry in the center. They good either frozen or thawed! lol Don’t ask how I know.

  29. polkadot865 says:

    okay now it makes sense. I am home tonight and on the computer its totally different than on my cell phone. wow even an editor for the videos on you tube… daaa i am learning and thats a good thing. okay. I see the video response on the comment on the compter but it wasnt available on my phone. okay I am obsesikng but it drove me crazy not understanding. thanks, dot

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