How to Make and Decorate a Cookie Pops & Bright Bouquet Cookies by Wilton

Who wouldn’t love a bouquet of cookies? Wilton will show you how to make and decorate these cookies pops; they are a perfect gift for friends and family anyt…
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  1. djshanas says:

    These 2 are really sloppy

  2. deejay964 says:

    They talk too much!

  3. anythingcute says:

    Mmmmm… what did you do to make the cookies stick to the stick? tape? because I can see that the stick is out from the cookies. Bad..

  4. Janet A says:

    All chatter, no demo of technique.

  5. lamrim eater says:

    cake decorating places. Royal icing is GREAT! but my dad makes the best w/ sugar cookies. its actually pretty easy to make and i feel more affordable if your using larger batches. u have to test the flavor b/c it is a little more intense and sometimes not appetizing to some folks. its basically an icing that dries harder (its stronger than regular) than traditional icing. i’ve seen it at michaels before but its better to make it.

  6. phoebecutie143 says:

    what’s a royal icing?

  7. neneticabolivar says:


  8. hpdragon723 says:

    Very nice! I like what you made. Where do you purchase that Royal Icing you mentioned in this video?

  9. Justssaying says:

    cuz its been baked on a flower-shape pan

  10. LindzeeKeem says:

    Why does that cookie look like cake?

  11. IshhLeanne says:

    @KAngelWhimseyMilok5 I don’t bake or make things but from videos i watch you can make a rosette by using a star tip and hold it directly vertical and squeeze till you want the shape you want.

  12. KAngelWhimseyMiloK says:

    Umm you call a star a rosette I am confused

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