How to Make a Wedding Cake: Wedding Cake Decorating (Part 3) from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Read the blog post here: Learn how to make a wedding cake in this three part wedding cake recipe series. In this …
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  1. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio says:

    How to Make a Wedding Cake: Wedding Cake Decorating (Part 3)

    #weddingcake #cakedecorating #cakedesign #wedding 

  2. Michaley Sample says:

    How long does the butter creme last sitting out? Do you need to refrigerate
    the cake say you make the day before the wedding? I’m assuming so.

  3. Zainab Asif says:

    Hello Jenn
    This cake was awesome!
    One question
    Why didn’t you use the sugar roses?

  4. Anaia Alicea says:

    sooooo… the ribbon and flowers will have to be taken off before you cut
    into it?

  5. Eric Z says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. I entered the giveaway and said that with all
    those things i would have recreated my parents wedding cake. Even though I
    do not win it I made it for them. I made the decoration different because
    their cake was different and the loved it. Thanks for the info on teiring
    and baking the cakes although i dont know why i am watching part three if
    this wont be that useful for me. Thanks 

  6. CookingAndCrafting says:

    I am going for the untraditional way of watching, by watching Part 3 first,
    then Part 2, then Part 1. So, be prepared for all the very annoying
    questions of “HOW DID YOU DO THAT PART” that is answered in parts 1 or 2.
    I’m just kidding, of course. Back to the video. But first impression is,
    that’s gorge. Okay.
    First stupid question that has been answered in part 2. Did you use
    something under each cake? Looks like I see something like a doilie. But
    you did say something that I think I missed. I’m slightly distracted. But
    hey! It’s the age of digital distraction, yo!
    I like those peonies. A lot.
    OOOOH I saw in the background another cake that was probably part 2. So,
    did you make three entire cakes? Because in the opening, I also saw the
    cakes in the pans, along with the completed cake.
    I’m always amazed, Jenn, at how much time and effort you put into each one
    of your creations. I don’t know that people “get” that. One days perhaps
    you will do only a behind the scenes reel of what exactly goes on to make a
    Okay, thanks, bye.

  7. Shreya Rangan says:

    Where do u get amera food colour I can’t find it at bulk barn 

  8. kay-ann babymouse says:

    that was beautiful thanks Jen 

  9. kocozo says:

    Hello!!!! could you post the link of the video where you make the frosting
    please!! :] Thanks by any chance, do you know how to make modeling

  10. Alexe Dacurro says:

    i like you making a wedding cake and is that for a wedding or nah

  11. crimsonpanthers says:

    A great flower to use on the top tier is an Antique Hydrangea. It is big,
    but not ostentatious

  12. BeatlesAndNirvana says:

    Did you change your mind about the real roses? Because I noticed you didn’t
    use them /:

  13. Sara Cooper says:

    How come she didn’t use the little sugar flowers?

  14. Tiara Lawrence says:

    I love all your videos . I have a video and it is about me makeing a
    hosue made out of cake it is not a sail made out of cake or candy .

  15. Logan Matte says:

    How would you cut the cake afterwards with the ribbon?

  16. theresa romero says:

    She is feelin

  17. celeste nai says:

    thank you so much for all 3 videos. you are amazing

  18. Silvia Lakhpatwala says:

    you bolg not open…. i dont have permission to open your blog? what to

  19. randy joson says:

    Question…how about the two layer cake should i just follow the midle and
    the top layer only?or i will add 2 to 3 stick on top?

  20. Sierra Longname says:

    you are sooo AWESOME!!!

  21. Kent Custer says:

    make sure live flowers have not been sprayed , a lot of flowers that come
    from out of the USA are treated with pesticides 

  22. Sarah Byington says:

    You make that look easy. Made a slightly leany wedding cake once. The
    thing stood though and tasted good, the 2 most important parts of making a
    wedding cake. You have a lot more practice than I did though.

  23. Guinea Pigs says:

    Love the cake, that proves you don’t need a white cake :) 

  24. Hege Bogen says:

    But we have to take the decorations off before we eat it, then it’s not
    that much point in it if you ask me, but the cake is beautiful :) 

  25. Eminy Sanz says:

    You did such a great job that you got me watching the 3 videos! 

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