How to Make a Gingerbread House: Gingerbread House Recipe from Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

Learn how to make a homemade gingerbread house, step by step. Watch our other Christmas videos:…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio says:

    How to Make a Gingerbread House: Gingerbread House Recipe!
    #gingerbreadhouse #gingerbread 

  2. CookingAndCrafting says:

    This was incredibly beautiful. I didn’t know you could get cookie cutters
    for them. Mom used to cut out cardboard to specific sizes in days gone by.

  3. Eat East Indian says:

    Very Impressive Jen!

  4. Sinead Fay says:

    Beautiful Jen. I might make a biscuit one :) 

  5. pencilxthoughts says:

    It would be easier to attach the house base together first before sticking
    it down to the plate

  6. PurpleBlonde143 says:

    I like the window thingy but it could be a bit colorful if u use different
    candy right? :) 

  7. scrappylefty327 says:

    Thanks for sharing. That is pretty awesome!!! I will try this next year. 

  8. Angy Mejia says:

    9:22 can we use wip cream?

  9. Glen Clifton says:

    I love it but can you make a zayn one directon cake next please

  10. Shannon Cannady says:

    Make a aircraft cak

  11. ian gamil says:


  12. Sanna Hussain says:

    +hcl laurel yes they are cos she said they’re CANDY rocks

  13. Rébecca Direcbers says:

    Beautifuuul <3

  14. Bri Lindsay says:

    you just helped me pass german class

  15. neha daudo says:


  16. Star Smith says:

    Im.the very first person to like this

  17. Akua Oppong says:

    Wonderful!!!!! :) 

  18. Cupcakers says:

    I wish she would be a cooking teacher in my class…one minus is that we
    don’t have cooking class…

  19. dant aldenya says:

    Biscuits solid Aalmviader There is a problem because it is not delicious:(

  20. Suri S says:

    Am going to make this .. seems simple… :) 

  21. Candy Ray says:

    im italian born and raised in Italy but now i live in Las Vegas and the
    things i miss is the fresh mozzarella and mostaccioli

    thank you for sharing the recipe because i too never made them i would just
    buy them haha

  22. TRamp94 says:

    *eating mostaccioli cookies while watching this video*
    My relatives came yesterday from Naples.
    Damn, it’s been a while since I ate them… THEY ARE HARD AS ROCK! Ahahah

  23. MsSpark111 says:

    Laura.. please tag this recipe as eggless.. a ton of people will check it
    out! :) 

  24. Anxhela Baxhija says:

    hey laura i wanna thank you for the great job you do everytime.. i love how
    you cook and also I love you.. THANK YOU LAURA VITALE.. 

  25. aped97 says:

    Mine didn’t came out that good. They were so hard, while the inside was
    kind of soft. I didn’t like the texture either… But I think I’m gonna
    give these another try, haha. I really want to nail them! 

  26. yuri rizal says:

    yeah i cant wait for the chocolate to cool.. i would eat it straight after
    dunking it :) 

  27. representing50plus says:

    Great recipes

  28. xxeerryyaa says:

    you’re beautiful

  29. brolly256 says:

    that looks really good laura

  30. Rachel Lin says:

    Hey laura,FYI: At the side of the cardboard of your plastic wrap,there is 2
    thing that says push here and when you push it,it is going to hold your
    roll of plastic wrap and the roll won’t come out.

  31. livelovelaugh0608 says:

    It’s not too hard to find mostaccioli were my family and I live but my
    nonna decides to make them anyway and they are delicious!! Love theeeem. :) 

  32. Jawahel Jassem says:

    You also have to give us your tips to stay fit while eating all those
    delicious things!

  33. Riley T says:

    wow these look great! do you have a recipe for Fruttone Leccese? Happy

  34. 3nov92 says:


  35. Suraya Shah says:

    love your makeup…please do a tutorial.

  36. Dylan W says:

    WOW Yum

  37. MNAL FAHD says:

    I love you too moon and back big fan of your from saudi Arabia ♥

  38. Carolina Zoe Ramos says:

    Can you make homemade herb flatbread

  39. SweetAfrika MakeUp says:

    we eat that also in spain

  40. amalmandhari says:

    I will make these today in sha allah.
    My daughter loves cookies yum yum

  41. boomersooner1972 says:

    Happy new year, Laura…. Hope you answer my question… I have friends
    from Italy and they will be visiting soon. I’d like to make this recipe but
    wanted to know if the dough could be frozen. Can it???? Thanks!

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