How to make a dog cookies – how to decorate a cookie

Here I show how to make a realistic face special attention to the eyes & muzzle. Cutter available here:…
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  1. Sabrina Marano says:

    does anyone know where i could find the eyes and nose template for these?

  2. spotschmoop says:

    Thanks for your great videos. In answer to your question: I do like it when you show the piping techniques… I can always “skip” or fast-forward if I think I’m past a technique. Otherwise, the repetition is fabulous for practice and seeing the correct technique. Just my opinion. Thanks!

  3. Marta Gutierrez says:

    Hi! Love your work. Can I use wax paper for the transfers? And how long does it take to prepare royal icing with 6 different colors aprox? Thank you

  4. Tess Campbell says:

    See you piping. It looks really good. Like awesome

  5. Montreal Confections says:

    Hi, edible means you can eat it non-toxic means it can touch your food but should not be eaten. For example a flower painted in nontoxic colors can sit on the cake but should be removed before serving.

  6. WillowintheWoods says:

    Hi! These are so cute! I was wondering what kind of luster dust you use? I’ve seen non-toxic and then edible. Does it really matter?

  7. Anjali Koganti says:

    It is good that you show us all the steps so then we can make sure we know exactly what do and you always give tips that are very useful

  8. Patricia Urquiza says:

    Woow amazing!! I love all the cookies you show they are so beautiful you are an artist with all the words….thank you for teaching your techniques. ….

  9. Debbie Ferri says:

    Great video! I loved it. I do have a question. Did you apply a base icing to the entire cookie first, then flood over top of it? I noticed the inside of the ears were pinkish. The cookies are absolutely adorable. I’m going to make cookies for my vet’s office, and this technique will be fun to try! Thank you!!

  10. Vera Guglielmi says:

    Your videos are so instructive and you show us the whole process and I think it’s helpfull !!

  11. KayKay2000 says:


  12. honeymally says:

    Hello, can you upload the eye & nose template to your blog! I love watching your videos and make what you teach us through those videos. I learn a lot from you. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. Joseph Wright says:

    Those are awesome!

  14. shannen baez says:


  15. Patrick P says:

    Hello Chef Mel Yisreal, We have made this into a cookie cutter for Montreal Confections. You can find it here:

    Thank you – Plastics in Print.

  16. Montreal Confections says:

    Hi, I show how in the beginning of the home sweet home video

  17. Chef Mel Yisrael says:

    U said that u hand cut the dog. How? How did u do them all individually? Sure wish there was a cookie cutter for this.

  18. 13TifLyn says:

    I am totally in awe… I just found your channel tonight, and I can’t stop watching! I love that you show the actual piping. I’m not sure if it was this video or not, but you asked if it was boring. most definitely not! I’d love to make cookies so pretty! but I am a complete novice, so seeing it done is the best way to learn. I can’t wait to see more! these chihuahua cookies are so very cute! love, love them!

  19. SweetDelights2013 says:

    You are so amazing! Thank you for the response. I look forward to the next video!

  20. Montreal Confections says:

    Hi, Thanks for your note, there is no cutter for this cookie I hand cut the dog.

  21. SweetDelights2013 says:

    I love watching your videos. The only problem I have is that I always want to make what you’ve video taped. I love these cookies and will look for a cookie cutter so I can try these. Thank you so much for your step by step instruction and for making sure we can see everything in focus! You are so awesome!

  22. suztheultimateq2011 says:

    I enjoy watching you pipe…don’t stop!

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