How To Make A Candy Bar Bouquet

How To Make A Candy Bar Bouquet

A Candy Bar Bouquet is really a nice gift! Its inexpensive to make. You can purchase your vase at a dollar or thrift store. All the supplies are affordable a…

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  1. solisrojas2011 says:

    how high what games

  2. millionaire535 says:

    Very nice!!! GOD BLESS!!!

  3. منال منول says:

    شكرًا لك

  4. Wanda Ramirez says:

    Love it!! Where Did you get the big coffee cup??

  5. Wynona Yasmin says:

    in stead of noodles can you use M&M`s

  6. str3ngthmatex says:

    I love twice

  7. hootiecandy says:

    Love it

  8. chynaeyez69 says:

    freakin awesome…so inspiring..thanks for taking the time to share your crafts…I subbed

  9. Abdiel Nini says:


  10. redrose678 says:

    Great idea  thanks :-)

  11. ladyk1796 says:

    Wow thats absolutely adorable, I cant wait to try it

  12. Alicia Huerta says:

    wow thanks for sharing this .. I saw these at the market for $20 whoaa too much . so Im guessing at home to make will be much cheaper ?

  13. Rafa Pratama says:

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  14. maria rodriguez says:

    you did great!!

  15. Hanna Robins says:

    Thats a really big coffee cup. Lol. :)

  16. Abby White says:

    cute i’m now craving chocolate

  17. Ambzelia89 says:

    you sound/look a little like Mira Sorvino

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