How To Make 3D Gingerbread Cookies

These are a great addition to gingerbead houses! Enjoy! Get the recipe here: NEVER MISS AN EPISODE BY SUBSCRIBING:…


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  1. SweetAmbsCookies says:

    What a fun project! These are so cute!!

  2. kawaiisweetworld says:

    How cute! And it’s cool that you cut out the cookies after baking them –
    good idea!

  3. SimplyBakings says:

    Learn how to make 3d Cookies!

  4. Sweet y Salado says:

    IKEA has these?! I went there this weekend (crazy, I know) and I didn’t see
    them. =( They look so cute, Laney and great tip about cutting out the
    cookies after the dough is baked.

  5. The Divine Hostess says:

    Mmmm one big cookie! I’m so greedy haha

  6. Ashley Kim says:

    Looks good!!!

  7. Lindsay Ann's Dollhouse Bake Shoppe says:

    Sooo cool! Love these :) 

  8. Anna Dao says:


  9. Serena Saleh says:

    That’s so awesome! Great idea :) 

  10. SanctuaryHut says:

    Tried these today Beth. They look cute. However dough seems darker then
    yours should I reduce the molasses? Also full 10mins under 180 deg cookies
    are still chewy. What should I do? Thanks for sharing and Merry
    Christmas.Malathy, Singapore.

  11. Jannah perkins says:

    Hello Beth I love all your recipes everything looks so good thankq
    especially this one love it but question for you can I use real ginger
    instead of ground ginger?

  12. Entertaining With Beth says:

    they last about 4-5 days in an airtight container. After that they start to
    get hard. But the dough will last 2 weeks in your fridge or 3 months in
    your freezer. Enjoy!

  13. iluvzebras1999 says:

    Oh, I wish I had seen this before Christmas, I so would have made them! I
    had the worst experience with a new chocolate pie recipe that I got from my
    cousin. When I opened the heavy cream I had just bought it was SEPERATED,
    with blobs of cream in this milky liquid. I thought it would be okay if I
    just mixed it up, but when I combined it with the chocolate, the chocolate
    stuck together in the middle with this clear liquid around it. It took
    about an hour to fix, but I got it right eventually. :)

  14. TheHotPlate1 says:

    These are so great for gift and I love the packaging you used! So cute! xo

  15. Yuliya Herhel says:

    any ideas what can I use instead of molasses? we don’t have it here :(
    wanna try this recipe :(

  16. Madhumitha Kumar says:

    Omg it would be awesome if you do indian food ! :D CAN’T WAIT

  17. Entertaining With Beth says:

    Aw OK well that’s nice to know :) Yes we love seeing photos of the finished
    products! Best place to do that is through our Facebook accounts, either
    the Kin FB or my own entertainingwithbeth. I check them both, and alot of
    users send me pics of their finished results here and it’s always such fun
    to see! :) Happy Holidays! (and Happy Baking!)

  18. Entertaining With Beth says:

    Nope. That’s why I love it :) Makes it easy. Enjoy!

  19. Kin Community says:

    Ha! More in the works! We’re taking a little holiday break on the specials,
    but will be back in January with a Fondue Party! Stay tuned!

  20. SimplyBakings says:

    Beth! I really enjoy watching your videos! keep up the awesome work!! <3

  21. BobbyBlackhearts666 says:

    I doubled the recipe because I wanted lots of cookies, but it ended up a
    little too wet, so I added a little more flour. First batch of the cookies
    were too warm, and became a trayful of mess xD when they baked, so I popped
    the others into the freezer and they come out of the oven nice. They tasted
    incredible :) . I was so tired when I finished with my mom that I didn’t
    make any frosting, but I will definately :D Merry Christmas Beth!

  22. Monika P. says:

    Hi Beth! I have a question : Can I make these without using molasses ?

  23. Chotti Ayyoob says:

    could you ppl du a menu of indian dishes??

  24. Entertaining With Beth says:

    Oh you poor thing! It’s actually on my own channel, just click my avatar
    and you’ll be redirected. It’s called Pumpkin Bread Breakfast Basket and is
    in a playlist called BREAKFAST on my homepage . Now, if you want to make it
    more “Christmas-y” you could replace the pumpkin bread with the EQUALLY
    delicious cranberry orange bread featured in my Christmas Morning Breakfast
    episode (also in the breakfast playlist) :) Enjoy and so sorry you had to
    look through all those videos! Yikes!

  25. erstewoelfin says:

    what can i use instead of the all spice, can i leave it out? I love your
    videos so much!

  26. polkadotjello1000 says:

    Hi Beth, I am wondering how far ahead I could make these cookies? They look
    fantastic and I’d like to give them to my neighbours! Thanks so much!

  27. Entertaining With Beth says:

    No prob! Just make sure your butter is really soft, room temp, and beat it
    together with the sugar with a wooden spoon. it will be a lot easier to
    beat together when the butter is soft. The idea is to keep beating until
    the sugar is evenly distributed with the butter. Enjoy!

  28. Quỳnh Nguyễn says:

    I feel like Christmas is here after watching this video . Thank you so much

  29. Entertaining With Beth says:

    No those are raisins :)

  30. swroxmysox1138 says:

    I had the same problem! after following the recipe, my dough was too dry; I
    added about 3/4 stick of butter into the batter and that worked a lot
    better! (half a stick would probably have sufficed too) and popped it back
    in the fridge before shaping the cookies

  31. Artem Gloukhov says:

    Smack your brother in the face and make him eat the cookies with butter and
    bacon. Just kidding, sure you could use shortening.

  32. Jarryd Erskine says:

    Thanks Beth!

  33. aidanovi says:

    Heyyy Beth, could you maybe give an inspiration what to cook for date
    night? :)

  34. eunteuklynn says:

    beth, my dough just cant form into a ball, i have rest it for over a night,
    bt it just cant form into a ball… why is it like this??? any solution???
    thanks beth…

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