How to Make 3-D Contoured Cookie Baskets (Part of a Dessert Network Collaboration)

How to Make 3-D Contoured Cookie Baskets (Part of a Dessert Network Collaboration)

In this video (part of a special Dessert Network Easter collaboration, link below), I show all the assembly steps required to put together my popular 3-D con…

  1. Julia M Usher says:

    Thanks, +Tash .M

  2. Julia M Usher says:

    Thanks, +gaynor dashnaw !

  3. Montreal Confections says:

    You’re so creative and talented beautiful basket 

  4. Pink Cake Princess says:

    I wish I could pipe like you Julia – I could never get ‘dots’ like you do!
    You have such a steady hand! These baskets are perfect ; )

  5. Haniela's says:

    So pretty!

  6. Davila De La Court says:


  7. Silvia Elena says:

    Obrigada Julia,Deus te abençoe.ficou mais mais

  8. Archana's Kitchen says:

    Nice cookies and wow, thats a lot of work that has gone in there. Great

  9. Lorraine Filion says:

    You do just beautiful work!!

  10. bunda gertasechald says:

    hi julia,,nice cookies,..,I like it

  11. Marla Summers says:

    Are these sheets the same as the Wilton Sugar Sheets?

  12. Ereshkigal says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, this is pure art. I love your videos. Thank you so
    much :) 

  13. L Chefologist St Lawrence says:

    Smiles :) :)
    Happy to see how you stuck the cookies to the stick!
    Wonderful videos 

  14. Jackie Wilson says:

    If youwrapped your can with parchment then with cookie dough you would have
    one piece and no seam and the can would slip out after baking etc.
    Beautiful work thankyou for sharing.

  15. Bespeckled Artistry says:

    It would seem like you would risk less breakage if the cookie were trimmed
    on its side. Just a thought. I hope to have my baskets turn out even half
    as beautiful as yours. Thank you !

  16. Raquel Corrêa says:


  17. Arycupcakes Cancun says:

    you are awesome a truly artist I hope I can do one some day.

  18. rainbow loomer says:

    Your eyes are huge on 1:56 wow!!!!!

  19. Marguerite Bee says:

    The background is lovely, especially the flowers.

  20. Lisa D says:

    You are amazing!! Thank you so much for posting these videos, I can’t stop
    watching them! I also just bought your DVD on amazon :-) 

  21. CARLA LASSARD says:

    I love this!!! Again …you are Amazing!!! :D 

  22. LaDolcevita37 says:

    Edible Easter grass I think would be a cute idea for an Easter basket. 

  23. Emma Escalante says:

    i love it , greetings

  24. Patricia Cabral says:

    Kisses from Brazil.

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