How To Decorate Christmas Sugar Cookies

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  1. tacostotherescue126 says:

    That’s why they are bann from the U.S :)

  2. laurynandbralyn says:

    There is so much freakin auto tune in the beginning

  3. Toon999kinzpengwo says:

    Dragees are inedible edible decorations… makes perfect sense o.O

  4. PumaLove101 says:


  5. WhoWants2BPerfect says:

    you eat metal. your blood contains metal. you need zinc iron and etc.
    you should’ve learned this in science class xo

  6. Joseph Wright says:

    Look yummy to me!

  7. mrkpop21 says:

    i eat the metal alls LOL

  8. BonnieSaysHey says:

    I’m new to baking :)

  9. Sine413 says:

    my brother used to, but we dont anymore

  10. Sine413 says:

    you just knew that?

  11. VanillaSoftDrink says:

    One does not simply eat if they dont know what it is.

  12. BerryBeCrafty says:

    I am going to try it on oven baked clay

  13. webkinzlover4981 says:

    why did they say that dragees are not edible when they said it was edible!!?!?!?!

  14. VanillaSoftDrink says:

    I Like The:
    Candy Cane, The Star, The Christmas Tree, Snow Flake, Snow Man!

  15. VanillaSoftDrink says:

    Why do I keep on watching this?

  16. HollandAmericalover says:

    How did you get the white egg wash on the Candy Cane cookie?

  17. LaurieOreos37 says:

    @KidKools1999 haha.

  18. LaurieOreos37 says:

    Sounds fun.

  19. LaurieOreos37 says:

    Haha ok. I should try it sometime.

  20. bltsdsubbie says:

    @JGirlGotzU @BonnieSaysHey I don’t think it that much of a big deal. After all, loads of minerals like iron, zinc and phosphorus already occur in in your body naturally. Just as long as you don’t eat them by the bucket, I think you’re good :D

  21. Laurite says:

    I do, it’s fun way to decorate Christmas tree or whatever instead of all these plastic shiny balls…

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