How many pets do you have, and what are their names?

Question by Lone Eagle: How many pets do you have, and what are their names?
I have a German named Zorra, two Shelties named Mocha and Misha, and a Russian Blue cat named Alpo.
It’s gonna be hard to choose a best answer here. Most pets? Best names? Best pets?
I’m gonna have to go with porn star as most original pet

Best answer:

Answer by BriannaBrutal
Dog:badie (pronoced bay-dee)

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  1. Broken Heart™! says:

    What kind of question is that?Anyways I have 1 dog nd his name is Coco

  2. Ln15 says:

    I have a half cockerspaniel half idk, her name is Nala and a poodle named Patch

  3. kylie!!! says:

    wow. your animals’ names are creative!
    calico cat: holly
    Golden retriever/chow: dustin
    mini german shep: toby

  4. fitnessgoblin says:

    Betta: Harry

    Maine coon cat: Bear

    Mixed breed puppy: Artax

  5. Anne says:

    i have a mutt (part Pomeranian, part Chihuahua, and part something else. Her name is Casey and I luv her! Then we have 5 cats (yes, 5) and they are all incredibly stupid. Lovey, Lucy, Spot, Spook and Chleo.

  6. Sammy says:

    2 dogs
    2 turtles
    2 bunnies
    1 hamster
    2 fish
    ~Froggy ( my little bro named him)

  7. Rachel says:

    Two Bengal cats: Roxas and Benvolio.

  8. Too Cool For You says:

    i have-
    3 guinea pigs – cocoa, pumpkin and teddy
    1 dog – Lacey (other dogs in our family are lady, lucy and casey)
    2 fish – freckle and fanta

  9. sehrish s says:

    I don’t have any pet.

  10. mommy2peepots says:

    I have 5 cats:
    Lewie (black long hair)
    Patches (calico)
    Maggie (orange tabby)
    Squeaky (black with one white toe)
    Angel (tortoise shell long hair)

    1 Maltese dog

    1 black miniature rabbit

    1 cockateil
    Tweety Bird

    Minnow from our pond. Too numerous to name.

    9 ducks

    1 horse – coming soon
    Dakota (black miniature)

  11. clearlynickyo says:

    I have two dogs a great danse x bullmastiff named missy
    and a staffy named zac

    2 ferrets Izzy && Monty (izzy is pregaz)
    2 bunnys Buzsy and chloe
    3 cats cj max and a burmese named misha

    how cute is the name misha!

    : ]

  12. Cali H says:

    mouse(F): Hoops
    mouse(F): yo-yo
    cat(M): Bean
    cat(F): Mumble
    cat(F): Kitten
    ragdoll cat(M but is too pretty to be a boy so we call it a girl): Marie (from the aristocats)
    ragdoll cat(M): Theo
    golden retreiver/Border collie X: London
    Pomeranian: Pookee

    All are indoor animals

  13. Laura W says:

    we have two canaries there names are mario and andrea. and two shelties female named , sophie , and a male sheltie named oliver.

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