How long will homemade cookies be good for?

Question by Asaad: How long will homemade cookies be good for?
How long will homemade cookies be good for? I made a batch of peanut butter cookies for a friend of mine, and I mailed them to her for her birthday. I sealed all of them (2 per bag) air tight.

The cookies are going from the USA to Russia. In total there is going to be about 2 weeks in between when she gets them and when I sent them. I’ve mailed her muffins and they seemed to be fine after about 12 days, so I’d assume cookies would last AT LEAST as long.

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Answer by Michelle W
they probably wont last 2 wks without tasting stale

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  1. Colbie says:

    As long as they’re in air tight bags, they should stay good until they’re opened. Usually after you open a bag, that’s when they start to get stale.

    I’ve made cookies before too, that I’ve wrapped in several bags, and they only get stale if you open the bag several times over a couple of days. If she eats both cookies at the same time, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    Hope this helps!

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