How long do homemade cookies last?

Question by Marlon R: How long do homemade cookies last?
How long do homemade cookies last?

i mean yeah they pretty much get eaten right away. But my problem is if i give them away as presents.

How long is their shelf life?
Is it better to use a slice of bread? or a slice of apple to keep them soft?

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Answer by hopflower
If you make them right before giving, they should last about one week or so. Sometimes the recipe will tell you how to keep them if they are particularly unusual.

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  1. hellokittylover7854 says:

    They are best when they are fresh otherwise 2 weeks!

  2. BIG T says:

    I don’t know, but if you put a couple of slices of apple in the package with them it will help keep them soft. Cookies are good for a while and even if they get hard, you can dunk ‘em. Damn you now i’m hungry for cookies!

  3. tetty_zek says:

    Well, the best thing is to eat them in the first couple days, when they are fresh. I doubt that after 3 or more days will have the same good taste…

  4. scrappykins says:

    Put them in the freezer! We do it every year, then on gift giving day just sit out to warm up.

  5. Golden Ivy says:

    It depends on the kind, if you freeze them they will last longer but will not taste as fresh. Good luck! :) , sounds like a yummy gift!

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