How long can oatmeal cookies last without refrigeration?

Question by Nkjh Jkhjkhkj: How long can oatmeal cookies last without refrigeration?
i made some oatmeal cookies 2 days ago, i wrapped them in wax paper and put them in a class container. how long will they last? i made a lot and i wont be eating them right away. is there any way they could last a couple of weeks?

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Answer by Depp Fan
About a week.

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  1. ranebo1000 says:

    Not a chance. If you want to keep them that long, wrap them as airtight as you can get them in plastic wrap and then in a ziplock bag, and freeze them.

  2. Taylar says:

    If it is a good container, then they should last about a week to a week and a half. Other wise if you leave them ou, they wotn last mofe than 2 days.

  3. Austin says:

    Either put them in a ziploc and put them in the fridge or in the freezer. THe way you have them I’d give them a week unless it is an air tight jar that will never open lol. But really about a week.

  4. califgirlinva says:

    Cookies will not last too long…If you want to keep them longer then you will have to freeze them…Frozen cookies taste the best when they are individually wrapped. Wrap your cookies individually in plastic wrap and place the wrapped cookies into a freezer storage bag or freezer container………..

    If you are using a freezer storage bag be sure to remove as much air from the bag as possible to reduce moisture and the chance of freezer burn………

    If you don’t want to individually wrap your cookies you can just put them into a freezer container or freezer storage bag but be sure to put layers of waxed paper between the cookies to prevent them from sticking together…………………

  5. socutecutie says:

    They would only last about a week.

  6. F D says:

    just freeze what you don’t want to eat now
    it does not take very long to thaw

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