How good is a gluten-free diet?

Question by Alisa M: How good is a gluten-free diet?
One of my favourite foods is pastry/bread and sadly, it’s one that makes me gain weight really rapidly. I was thinking of going on a gluten-free diet as I’ve had gluten-free bread and cookies before and the taste is just as nice and doesn’t give you a feeling of being too full so I could eat more of other healthy things with it.

Does a gluten free diet actually make you lose weight? How effective is it?

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Answer by LindaH
To be honest, I do think that gluten-free diets for those who are not allergic to gluten should be avoided at all costs since gluten is one of the proteins essential to normal digestion.

For those anxious to lose weight, I would suggest a balanced diet consisting of plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, ie apples, banana’s, berry’s. The food combining diet, where you refrain from eating meat with potatoes can also be a healthy option, and by ensuring you drink plenty of water and get regular exercise, then this should do the trick and will help you lose weight.

I also think that if you refrain from eating crisps, and too much chocolate then this too will accelerate the weight loss.

Good Luck and thanks for the question!:)

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  1. ChattyK says:

    It is for people with Celiac disease. You gain weight rapidly because of overly large portions. do some research on portion size. Pasta, 1/4 cup. Not much. Eat less bread, and don’t make your life a living h.. for no reason. You need bread and grains for Vitamin B, excluding B 12, which comes from meat. You need B for your nervous system and will feel the difference, or your family will suffer the consequences of a bad mood on your part. No, just no cookies, no cake, and the like, and make your own whole wheat or whole multi grain bread, and really talk to an expert before eliminating a food group for no reason. Also, check the side effects if you are taking any medications. Since, one can be weight gain. Read the information or call the pharmacist. As far as healthy things, also, do research, as the soil may have no minerals anymore, and by the time the supposedly healthy foods, like fruit get to the market, they may be devoid of vitamins or phytochemicals so heavily tauted as benefits. Knowledge is power.

  2. Anthony says:

    A gluten free diet can help with weight loss for some. A recent clinical study found that the average person on a gluten free diet can lose 10-15 pounds in the first month. Grains are what farmers feed cows to make them fatten up so it only makes since that eliminating grains from your diet could help with weight loss.

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