How Fortune Cookies Are Mass-Produced

A video definitively showing the process of mass-producing fortune cookies
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BLOOPERS + ALTERNATE SCENES: OUR FACEBOOK: OUR FREE FACEBOOK APP: ———————————– Ian and Anthony receive fortunes from cookies that become reality. What will become of this prophecy? ———————————– Hey it’s our very own website: Oh and our Facebook page Want to know when we’re filming and/or pooping? Now you can:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ZebbMassiv says:

    If I owned a fortune cookie company I’d have an interactive website where you could write custom messages for your order of cookies no matter how obscene they are.

  2. diabla1003 says:

    i found this video cool :D lol

  3. CUPCAKEhnd says:

    I went to panda express and my cookie didnt have a fortune…. N thts my fav part!!!!!

  4. larissa vasquez says:

    hey wht if they made diffrent color cookies like green yellow purple

  5. helen0725 says:

    How do they know if all the cookies have fortunes in them? The inspection is done after they are wrapped in plastic.

  6. helen0725 says:

    How do they know if all the cookies have fortunes in them? The inspection is done after they are wrapped in plastic.

  7. MissStargazer12 says:

    that awkward moment when the top comments are the same

  8. lukenjuke says:

    write “you are smelly”

  9. ManWithoutHair says:

    walter white meth lab device in the beginning

  10. JagwireFilms says:


  11. ElephantHelicopter says:

    These How It’s Made puns make my day.

  12. Lovesickobsession19 says:

    i do ^_^

  13. thefrenchtroll0914 says:

    oh, so the fortunes ARE random!

  14. MisterMoccasin says:

    I’m so fortunate I found this

  15. goatlovesllama says:

    I do :D

  16. 123Builderbob says:

    who actually likes the taste of a fortune cookie?

  17. TheNerfMassacre says:

    The narrator should be from epic meal time.

  18. Woggyflush says:

    interesting video but that food factory looks dirty

  19. kukri31 says:

    Dang man….I always imagined jolly old Asian ladies smiling while individually baking and wrapping each fortune cookie for me.

  20. MegaLostGamerz says:

    my name is kiki,and i was raped before i died. i use to enjoy pain and now i infilct it upon people.i was tortured and raped until i could no longer breathe . those meanies now suffer and die and those who do not repost this to 5 videos will die too. i hate this 2 but i believe the strike of 12am those who did not repost this will die a horrible death after seening a bloody face covrered with long black hair. those who repost this will get a kiss from their crush

  21. Britney smith says:

    thumbs up if you actully looked for the website!

  22. Amanda Grigg says:

    give me your milk

  23. TheLegoKidMaster says:

    give me milk!

  24. TheItuber says:

    EW!!! that was Disgusting. Ian and Anthony. i`m not against gayness but looked no good.

  25. BlueBaBeda says:

    Give me your miiilk! XD

  26. goingunder97 says:

    It’s not a real internet site ):

  27. ZarinaBieber says:

    Haahhahaha, crazy)))

  28. Adriana Arellano says:

    give me your milk, give me your milk naaaaaaaaaaaaw

  29. KarlyKom says:

    I like both of them -3

  30. TheHoneysauce says:

    Which episode is it where they buy a new house and buy picassos painting?

  31. altonio flowers says:

    anthony u should of stabbed the milk dude it would be funny T_T lol

  32. Abby Mawyer says:

    give me your milk

  33. OneTalent says:


  34. Katherine Seon says:

    I like Anthony. Ian is so stupid!

  35. 27isisd says:

    Sachs whit randomness

  36. benezio98 says:

    Lol 1:43-1:44 dat emotion

  37. Deadpool0119 says:

    Who would be the Bride and who would be the groom?(if they did get married)

  38. NotDoneGaming says:

    Does anyone know how to get better quality through 3G?

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