how do you use a cookie press? ?

Question by that chick: how do you use a cookie press? ?
every time we use our cookie press, we end up with a big mess and lousy, splotches that try to pass for cookies. is there something that we’re doing wrong? or something we’re forgetting to do?

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Answer by Anna E
I have never been able to make cookies using a cookie press. I have a co-worker that makes beautiful, tasty spritz cookies and she says she uses an electric cookie press. I didn’t want to go to that expense, but you might buy one and see if it works better.

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  1. aylatroy says:

    Sounds like you need a “thinner” cookie dough, the dough your trying to push through is to heavy for the press. Sugar cookie dough lends itself nicely to a press and it can be thinned with a bit of milk or cream.
    It also might help to grease the little press plate on the dough side before you start.

  2. Paje says:

    You might try a different recipe or try adding a bit more flour or refrigerating the dough.

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