How do you prevent flash from storing cookies on your pc?

Question by i like cereal: How do you prevent flash from storing cookies on your pc?
These are flash cookies – not standard ones. Go to your adobe flash manager page from google – you’ll probably see that you have a ton too – doing nothing but sitting there and collecting information about you. That page is the only way to get rid of them as well. I was wondering if you could filter them like normal cookies via your browser’s privacy settings.

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Answer by shifT
Go to the following website, and manage your cookies/settings. You basically just have to change the storage settings within the flash player.

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  1. Dunbar Pappy ϟϟ says:

    Control these monsters with “Better Privacy” for Firefox.

    Deletes LSO’s upon exit from FF, or can be deleted manually:
    Tools> Better Privacy> (lower right corner) tick “Remove All (or specific) LSO”

    Also note:
    9-23, ’10 The new ‘Evercookie’ & removal
    “a JavaScript API…”Evercookie” does this by storing cookie data with as many local storage mechanisms as it can find. Apart from standard browser cookies there are Flash cookies, a number of local storage repositories provided by HTML 5, even in the RGB values of PNG graphics forced into the cache.

    The really evil part comes when Evercookie finds that the user has removed any of the types of cookies in question. It then recreates them using each mechanism available.” [13 in all]
    Chrome’s “Incognito” (private) mode prevented any of them. The cookie manager can’t stop the cached image…

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