How do you make these frosted cookies? (PICS INCLUDED)?

Question by Lana Marie: How do you make these frosted cookies? (PICS INCLUDED)?
I would like to make similar frosted cookies to give as gifts to friends and families. But I don’t want to pay $ 80 for a dozen of these cookies at these popular cookie boutiques. So I just would like to save money and make them myself. So what ingrediants do I need to make the frosting part and decorative part?

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Answer by givveahoooot
for the frosting and decoration go to like safeway or fred meyers or whatever grocery store is near you and look in the bakery isle, there are cookie and cake decorating tools, and frostings all along the isle, and different colors too.

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  1. luisamapacha says:

    These are super easy to make! You just have to have some patience with the decorating. I make them all the time.

    Here’s the recipe, unchanged for decades:

    And here’s a frosting recipe:,1910,149161-244194,00.html

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