How do you make cookies using molds?

Question by Adriana: How do you make cookies using molds?
I’ve tried making cookies into shapes twice now and they never stay in the shape in intend them to be. I used plastic molds and (betty crocker) sugar cookies using the mold recipe that it said on the box. They came out like odd shaped cookies but not in the mold. Any tips?

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Answer by K
Try chilling the dough..or chill the cookies on cookie sheet in the fridge before baking.

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  1. Frank says:

    I’ve tried to mold cookies the way I want them so many times. The dough can be so stubborn—I’ve had to stray from my original plan and go with chocolate chip or gingerbread cookies instead of sugar ones. I’ve found those types are a lot more flexible and willing to be molded. Sometimes to get what you want, you’ve gotta think outside the box…no one wants to eat an odd shaped cookie. I’ve recently started pondering whether I should swear off sugar cookies forever. Could that make me happy? Perhaps.

  2. Sophia says:

    Try to chill the dough while it’s placed in the mold. Wait till its harden and then bake

  3. Martin says:

    I have been known to “cheat” by using instant cake mix as cookie dough. here is the formula. INSTANT CAKE MIX any flavor or any brand they all will get the job done. 1/2 cup of vegi oil or a half cup of melted butter and two to three eggs. some chocolate mixes take 3 eggs to get a nice dough but its usually just two eggs. the yeild i get is around 26 cookies. it rolls nice and if you do that cookie gun press contraption you couldnt ask for a nicer dough.

  4. Happiest in the kitchen. says:

    They are cookie cutters, make the roll out dough recipe. Roll the dough out, handle to cookies as little as possible, if you can roll thr dough out on the baking sheet and then pick up the extra stuuf before baking.

  5. Martha says:

    If your cookies aren’t staying molded, maybe they aren’t meant to be. Maybe your mold is too idealistic and restricting. Not all cookies are going to look perfect, you know, and they will still taste awesome if they aren’t completely perky and perfect. I mean, my god, these days people will only eat a cookie if it looks like it came out of a freaking Martha Stewart cookbook. Cookies are delicious in all shapes and sizes. I’d even say in some circumstances, the bigger the better. But obviously nobody feels that way these days with all these diet crazes. My tip, enjoy the cookie you have and you’ll be a lot happier instead of constantly trying to make it into something it is not.

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