How do you make chewy chocolate chip cookies ?

chocolate cookies
by 3liz4

Question by sayWHAATT(8: How do you make chewy chocolate chip cookies ?
I make my chocolate cookies, but they never come out chewy. Instead they come out cek-lake. Wanna help me ?

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Answer by footyboyack
Undercook the regular cookies just a tad. Thats what my dad does. Just a little though, don’t want salmonilla.

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  1. princess4444 says:

    use all butter-flavored shortening…they are really fattening, but aren’t they supposed to be anyway? I do this and they come out PERFECT every time–Never ever hard. I use Nestle toll house recipe and that’s the only change I make. Definitely worth it. Everyone thinks mine are one of the best, but they don’t realize that they’ve probably had the nestles a billion times before, but just not with all shortening. Oh, and also, check your oven temp, too high will dry them out.

  2. heart o' gold says:

    I don’t know what cek-lake means.

    But – chewy chocolate chip cookies is about how long you back them. And use butter, not (shudder) margarine or shortening.

    The proper, perfect chocolate chip cookie is crispy outside and chewy inside. If your cookies are crisp all the way through, you are cooking them too long. Next time you make cookies time them carefully and bake only a couple at a time, let them cool on the sheet then test them. By reducing the time for each bake cycle you can figure out exactly how long you need to bake them to get the exact texture that you want. My friend who makes perfect chocolate chip cookies bakes them for whatever and three quarter minutes – she’s that fussy.

    Other cookie tips (I make fantastic cookies):
    Get an oven thermometer and use it. Most ovens are off the temp on the dial a bit.
    Get the insulated cookie sheets, the ones of two layers of metal with air between. They will make a huge difference in the texture of your cookies, also much less likely to burn on the bottom.
    Use parchment paper to bake on instead of greasing the cookie sheet. Less bottom burning and much easier cleanup.
    Always use the best and freshest ingredients you can afford.
    Never use hydrogenated oils.

  3. Jon A says:

    More moist badder = crisper cookies because it evaporates. If your regular recipe is too crisp, add flour in 1/2 cup increments until you like the result.

    Also, answer above is also correct…whatever fat you use (butter, Crisco, etc) will determine chewiness also.

  4. Lisa W says:

    Golden syrup?? Honey?

    Have you ever cooked flapjack?? – the more syrup you put in, the chewier it is..

    never tried it on cookies though..

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