How do you eat your Oreo cookie?

Question by Nymph: How do you eat your Oreo cookie?
How do you eat your Oreo cookie? Get creative.

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Answer by are u crazy
open it, lick out the icing, then dip the choc in milk
(i still do – all these years cuz i like that way!!)

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  1. SteakNShake says:

    I open em up and whatever side has the most fillin i eat and the other side I put in my milk. Sometimes I get perplex’d when it seems to have an even amount on each side. Well thats all from me!!!

  2. pretty_smart_savvy says:

    Normally, I dunk them into the milk until they get a little mushy, and then I eat them whole.

    Without milk? Well, then I will open them up, and like the cream out the middle and discard of the cookie part.

  3. O M says:

    I open it and try to get all the cream onto my tongue in one careful lick. Then I have fun with the cream on my toungue. When the ride is over, I eat the top cookie first, then the bottom cookie.

  4. Lisa H says:

    Open it up, lick up all the icing, and give the cookie part to my dog.

  5. Angela N says:


  6. sailormars_53188 says:

    I eat the regular oreo cookie(plain cream filled ones) whole, in one big bite but if it’s a mint filled one I twist it open and eat the filling first.

  7. werehunter says:

    I like to sandwich it between two other Oreos and eat it.

  8. wantyourlalala22 says:

    lick the middle and put the cookie part back and eat the cookie w / milk

  9. Kangvbc says:

    I take a part the Oreo Cookie then add some Colt 45 beer only a dash, whip cream and put back togher and eat in two bites.

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