How do I use a cookie press?

Question by Emily: How do I use a cookie press?
What I need help with is getting the dough out of the cylinder. The dough won’t go onto the pan. It keeps sticking.


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Answer by chelsae g
not sure

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  1. Vivienne Au Lait says:

    Sounds like you’re not using enough butter in your dough. Screw the recipe…if it isn’t working, use more butter (or margarine or what have you) and tuen down the temp on your oven a bit so the extra butter won’t burn.

  2. karat4top says:

    Sounds like your dough is too dry. Try adding a little more liquid to make it a bit softer. You don’t want it runny or too soft to hold a shape, though. I found that it takes some practice to use a cookie press. I like the cookies, but every time I get it out (since I only use it during Christmas) I have to do a little trial and error.

  3. Jen says:

    You know what? A cookie press is a pain, and for the reason you’re having. I never use it, it’s not worth the stress of it.

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