How do I keep a holiday cookies shape?

Question by akwardapple21: How do I keep a holiday cookies shape?
I am making christmas cookies and the first attempt, when I shaped them they were fine, but then I put them in the oven and they became deformed. How do I keep it from becoming deformed?
Its Pillsburry Dough

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Answer by keyscops
Your dough is either too warm when it goes in the oven or you need to substitute shortening for some butter.

Try chilling your dough for about 30 minutes before you bake them.

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  1. friendofchip says:

    keep them in freezer after cutting- for ten minutes before whacking them in HOT oven.
    After theyve been baking ten minutres, re-cut them on the baking tray, the edges will re-brown in last ten minutes.

  2. Anna says:

    Sometimes cookies come out of their shape because they puff in the oven so try cutting them a little smaller and make sure any edges or corners are sharply cut (not blunt) and try shilling ur cookies dough (slightly not too much) before baking.

  3. Lakeview says:

    save your paper tubes inside the paper towles. Take one tube, cut long ways to open end to end. Put cookie dough in plastic and form into log shape–inside plastic. Put plastic wrapped cookie dough in paper tubes, squeeze dough until it is formed in paper tube. Secure each end with rubber band–chill.

    cut cookies in 1/4″ slices and bake. Each cookie will be the same shape.

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