How do I invite my family members to make cookies for my wedding cookie table?

Question by Whitney – matthew Yarborough: How do I invite my family members to make cookies for my wedding cookie table?
Hi my wedding is in March and instead of having the traditional candy table we are doing a cookie table. In order to make it a little more personalized we are asking for close family and friends to make their favorite cookies. I would like to send out invitations but am not sure how to word it. Please help. Any and all suggestions will be great!

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Answer by Halo Mom
First talk to your mother and mother in law and close family
See how it goes over about baking cookies
See what they would do

If you ask me, I might just buy some fancy cookies

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  1. MM says:

    Don’t send out invites. You’re asking them for a favor, so do them the courtesy of talking to them and telling them how much it would mean to you, without pressuring them into it. And if you’re asking for a lot of cookies, it’d probably be a good idea to offer to reimburse them for supplies.

  2. Love Life says:

    just call them and ask for help, no invites needed to do cookies, invites to the wedding.

  3. Liz says:

    You invite people to be your guests, not your unpaid slave labor. Bad idea.

  4. Poodie says:

    If you are only asking them to make a dozen or so, call each of them on the phone and tell the that you think it would be fun to have each family member make a batch of their favorite cookies for the wedding, and you’d love to include them. Ask once and leave it at that. Many people may not want to deal with making and taking cookies to the wedding. Logistically, it may be a problem. They’d either have to deliver them the night before or come very early to the wedding, unless you have a designated spot at the venue to place cookies when people arrive. If you don’t have many takers, another alternative may be to just ask for recipes, bake the cookies ahead of time, and freeze them (they should be fine for at least a week if you wrap them tightly). Good luck. :)

  5. HIS! says:

    YOU should start baking cookies now and freezing them. That will give you time to have a good variety and enough cookies to have your cookie table.

    It sounds like a great idea, but it’s not really good etiquette to ask your guests to help provide food for your wedding reception. (HOWEVER, if either mom or any sisters offer to help, accept immediately.)

  6. ❤Nan❤ says:

    instead of sending out invitations why don’t you invite the ladies over, crack open a bottle of wine, have some snacks and discuss it together. find out who makes the best short breads, who makes the best oatmeal cookies, peanut butter cookies, etc.
    personally i would be more receptive to that type of scenario than an ‘invitation’ in the mail telling me how lucky i am to be able to contribute.
    i love the idea of the cookie table – its very charming and the table when all set up will look beautiful. make sure you take photos of it once its done!
    now off you go and make your wedding dreams come true.

  7. swbarnes2 says:

    You really can’t invite people to do labor for you.

    You could offer to throw a party maybe, where you have dinner, and people hang out and make cookies

  8. n2mama says:

    The only real way you can invite people to make cookies for your wedding is to host a cookie baking party. Buy a ton of supplies, borrow a few mixers and a bunch of cookie sheets, open a couple of bottles of wine, and invite your friends and family over for a cookie baking party. Otherwise what you have to do is accept what help is offered, but it would be incredibly bad taste to “invite” people to provide favors for your wedding.

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