How do i go on a gluten free diet?

Question by hello…: How do i go on a gluten free diet?
I’ve heard gluten is bad for you and it’s addictive, etc. So i wanna try to go on a gluten free diet and lose some weight and be healthier. What kinds of things contain gluten, specifically.

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Answer by starrfyrre
I am gluten intolerant and HAVE to eat a gluten-free diet. It is not something I would have chosen to do. Gluten is in so many things. You will have to give up all fast food including pizza. Bread, unless you get it from the gluten free section is also out. All baked goods are also off limits unless marked gluten-free. Most processed foods, canned soups and gravies also contain gluten. Oatmeal does not contain gluten but usually becomes cross-contaminated at the mills. Pasta is out as well. Cookies, crackers, muffins, bagels,, the list goes on and on. Gluten-free alternatives to any of the above items are usually twice the price and contain more fat and calories. Eating gluten-free is very restrictive. I have to research restaurants to make sure they have gluten-free options and don’t cross contaminate the food during preparation. Just preparing food for my husband and myself takes longer because I have to wash my hands constantly to avoid contaminating my food. You need to be real sure this is something you want to do, because it’s not easy. Eating gluten free will not necessarily help you lose weight. I still have to watch my calorie and fat intake and exercise regularly.

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