How do i get my pet cookies to dance, are reptiles even able to dance?

Question by namer: How do i get my pet cookies to dance, are reptiles even able to dance?
I was going to eat my two cookies for dessert, but then they looked too innocent to eat, so I decided not to kill them. And now I am trying to teach them some tricks, such as dancing, but they just sit still.
And whenever i try to feed them food, they won’t eat. And just to be on the safe side, is t illegal to make cookies household pets, or do they belong in the freedom of the outside? because I no some reptiles are meant to be free roamed. but not all of them,
Yes, i am ok. But please answer my question. I know some reptiles csan dance, are cookes fall into that category. I should now cause I am 17, but nobody knows everything
Where is the farm at?

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Answer by Haley
Uh r u ok?

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  1. Tatl says:

    I am actually doing the same thing! I own a farm of dancing cookies. I don’t know if it’s legal or not, but just to be safe I keep it secret.

  2. Tael says:

    Contrary to popular opinion, training cookies to dance is not illegal. It is merely frowned upon by your jealous neighbors and relatives. I have been trying for years to teach my spared cookies to dance anything! But they just don’t listen. I am beginning to think they are a hopeless cause, but I will keep trying. The cake may be a lie, but these cookies are definitely not!

    By the way, that was awfully sweet of you to spare your two cookies! <3

  3. King Toast says:

    Hmm, owning cookies is legal all around the world BUT it is illegal to train them to dance in most states in U.S.A. Be careful though as reptile cookies can and will bite if you teach them the macarena. They usually live under rocks or in jungles but they are perfectly fine with living in your home! :) I assume you already know what to feed them, (milk, rat fur, bird droppings, etc.) but feeding them a special food called ‘manure’ will help them dance even to the hardest song. They may not eat them at first so you have to show that it is safe to eat by eating at least 300ml of manure in front of them each day for at least a week. Most cookie farms are in Narnia which makes it tedious to buy a few so when you visit buy plenty! Hope this helps!

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