How do I get my dog to stop barking at everything?

Question by Gabe: How do I get my dog to stop barking at everything?
My dog Cookie is young and at first she never barked at all, but since my other dog Toby barked alot, now she barks at everything in sight.

Today she slammed the door open and ran out of the house just to bark at a poor lady walking her dog. It was so embarassing.

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Answer by The Death At Ones Elbow
you have to find a white siberian tiger with hearing aids.
then you have to kill it.
and then you have to make sure its dead.
then then u have to chop it up and bake it with the hearing aid still in it
then put it in ur dogs food
and then it should stop barking

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  1. Jack M says:

    Get a dog whistle and blow it each time the dog barks for no good reason. This way, she will feel some pain when she does bark and will not continue incessantly.

  2. GB says:

    try a water squirter , like one of those bottles hairstylers use or a waterpistol a small stream of water should do the trick, if it dosent roll a newspaper up and hit NEXT to him if he dosent stop then, get the thing hes barking at , if that dosent work get your dog at his nose … rember rolled newspapres have a sound that dogs dont like

  3. packerjan says:

    I have the opposite problem. I adopted a greyhound and she didn’t know how to do anything! Including being house broke. But, we got thru all of that and then I decided she needed a “sister” and so we adopted another pup from the shelter. And she knows how to bark big time. So, don’t you know, the greyhound figured it out, and now I have TWO of them barking!

  4. Dog Trainer says:

    Your dog thinks she is the pack leader. YOU should be the pack leader. There are several ways to learn how. Read up on them.

    You need to correct your dog as soon as she notices something you believe she will bark at. When she does, bring her back by the collar (calm but assertive) and make she sit. If she barks, give a firm no! without anger, then make her lay down. Keep her there until she is calm.

    Also, your dog is probably not getting enough exercise. She has pent up energy and her way to release it is to bark at things. So two things, much more vigorous exercise and learn about how to become the pack leader. This combination is so powerful in ending this type of behavior (dominance) I dedicated time to write two books about these topics. Using this formula (walking/exercise and pack leadership) will end excessive barking. There are free articles about all of this on the site below (left in blue on the site).

    Chad Thompson
    Professional Dog Trainer

  5. beans says:

    I have a very sweet little beagle named Maggie. I was very lucky to be blessed with a beagle who does not constantly bark and howl like most. My neighbors breed and show beagles. I’m not saying I agree with this but they use shock collars to train theirs to not bark. This can be considered to be cruel so like I said this is not what I use. My other dog is a barker and I use a paper with him, however he stops briefly and then continues.

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