How can I sell my homemade candy/cookie bouquets to the public here at home?

Question by cherokee2202000: How can I sell my homemade candy/cookie bouquets to the public here at home?
I’m making these at home and really need to get this business going. Don’t have any money to advertise so word of mouth is going to be my only option at this point. I know there are others on the market, but I’m doing the candies myself instead of buying them already made.

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Answer by Rivergirl100
I’d be sure to look into the rules of the local health department. Where I live, you need to meet commerical kitchen standards and inspections if you make food that is sold to the public.

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  1. Corlock says:

    simple, just pile your homemade candy/cookie outside your house just like your having a garage sale…don’t forget to use tables and chairs :)

  2. bizconsultant2000 says:

    Once you get through the health code issues, I’d contact local retailers or specialty/gift stores and offer a consigment of some inventory. You can also do an online catalog. There are tons of free internet marketing tools and websites that allow you to have apage for free.

    Good luck

  3. Sharon F says:

    you first need to check with your local health department

    i’ve owned and operated a gift basket and bouquet business for over 9 yrs….i sold cookie and candy bouquets and you have to market your products locally to business and regular customers with flyers etc

    v-day is coming up and that will be the best time to get your sales going

    if you need any advice you can email me at :

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