How can I make the Perfect Cookies :)?

Question by ♥Stranger in San Diego♥ R.I.P MJ: How can I make the Perfect Cookies :) ?
I bought these really cute Valentines cookies from Pillsbury and I want to make them for my boyfriend today and I want them to be soft. But whenever i make cookies their always somewhat hard or burnt on the bottom of the cookie.Any advice?

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Answer by |ĸ-вear|
dont turn your oven up quite so high.

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  1. Herzie says:

    maybe its your oven. haha i know it sounds weird, but all my friend’s moms always burn those cookies! they usually put them in for a long time like 15 minutes. WAY TO LONG!! maybe 9ish minutes or so. My mom used to make them for 9 minutes and they were awesome!!! hope it helps?

  2. thejanith says:

    Growing up, I never burned anything in the oven, and wondered why others had problems with it. Things took a little longer to bake sometimes, but never burned. We found out later that it wasn’t my skill as a baker that kept things from burning, but that our oven ran about 20 degrees cooler than it registered. Duh, no wonder things took a little longer.

    I would recommend lowering the temperature in your oven by about 15 degrees, and then watching the cookies carefully. If yours is a dark pan, put aluminum foil on the cookie sheet — then either grease it or not, as the recipe requires. If your cookies are hard, put frosting on them and put them in a sealed container for a couple of hours. Yummm!

  3. ✿Donna❀ says:

    The easiest way is to move your cookie sheet up to a higher rack position.

    Also, air-bake cookie sheets (two sheets of metal with an air pocket in between) them, will greatly help to soften the cookie bottoms for a chewier cookie. You can mimic your own air-bake cookie sheets by nesting one cookie sheet inside another, or lining a cookie sheet with foil, then topping the foil with parchment.

    Silicone pan liners such as SilPat and ExoPat also help in achieving a soft cookie without under baking.

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