How can I make my cookies turn out crisper?

by bark

Question by toolate: How can I make my cookies turn out crisper?
I’m making cookies for friends and family holiday gifts, and I’m trying to make a crispy, crunchy cookie for my grandfather. Every recipe I try comes out cakey or chewy (which is actually how I prefer then), and I know he doesn’t like soft cookies. Any suggestions?

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Answer by sarabmw
Leave them in a litte longer and put them directly into the frig.

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  1. Jen says:

    Bake a bit longer, maybe at a lower temperature.

  2. jewel says:

    just cook them longer

  3. Slappy_McStretchNuts says:

    Leave them in the oven a bit longer than the recipe calls for.

  4. topsyandtimbooks says:

    These are crispy as I made them this afternoon
    (I rolled them very thinly) :

  5. MICHAEL M says:

    If you use oil, butter, shortening, or eggs in your recipe, use a little less. also, bake them a little longer.

  6. dil_luvz_spiderman says:

    put it in the oven for a little more longer.

  7. momof1qt says:

    Just bake them a minute to two minutes longer. My b/f prefers them crispy too so he can put them in milk and they don’t fall apart as easy. Add time, it’s that simple.

  8. bill w says:

    Burn them.

  9. TreKKer2B says:

    try baking on some sort of stoneware… that usually makes pizza crispy. I am sure it will work for cookies also

  10. Lindsay says:

    Baking powder

  11. me says:

    cut down your wet ingredients alittle bit, or leave them in the over for longer at a lower temp

  12. Kit says:

    more baking soda/powder

  13. Jen C says:

    keep them in the oven longer. Also try using foil instead of a cookie sheet. The cookies will be closer to the bottom.

  14. aash says:

    i guess u ought to read the recipies carfully mus b screwin up sumwhere
    r try leavin m in a lil longer n put m in the fridge immediately

  15. sharaea e says:

    the longer you leave the cookies in the oven the crisper the cookies will be

  16. robertshanahan101 says:

    leave them on the counter overnight uncovered, this will make grandpas cookies crispy enough to break his dentures in half. lol

  17. somerandominternetperson says:

    Do exactly as you did for the cakey or chewy cookies but decrease the amount of liquid components in your recipe. That should result in a drier, crisper cookie.

  18. atomictulip says:

    If you use real butter in your recipe it makes for a crispier cookie.
    A thicker cookie dough can be pressed down onto the sheet if it normally doesn’t spread out during baking.
    Also you can bake them a bit longer, but watch carefully so they don’t burn on the bottom. Thats all I can think of right now.
    I have the same issue because my husband prefers a crispier cookie. I hope this helps you.

  19. cyclgrrl says:

    Roll thin – but watch out! – thin cookies burn more quickly!

    Bake a little longer – though not at high heat – see above.

    Cool in open air – not a covered container. Likewise, store in open air or in a paper bag.

    Experiment with your liquid to solids ratio and also your sugar to flour ratio.

    Lastly – look for recipes that have ‘crispy’ or ‘crunchy’ or ‘wafers’ or ‘snaps’ in the name…

    Good luck – happy crunching!

  20. msbubii says:

    Make sure you use real butter, pure vanilla and bake them a few extra minutes.

  21. James Dean says:

    You can also lower the the rack in the oven down a bit.

  22. shadow79812002 says:

    roll them thinner. works every time.

  23. Jim says:

    use a little bit of bakers ammonia found in most drug stores yes it is food grade.

  24. Natalie M says:

    often recipes with more shortening tend to be crispier by nature. try the food network, martha stewart or real simple for some yummy recipes.

  25. Matt J says:

    Cook a minute or so longer, then take them out and put them on the cooling rack thing for about 10 minutes, which allows them to harden. Though it differs with the type of cookie.

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