How can i make cookies stay soft and chewy?

by Jagrap

Question by Erin: How can i make cookies stay soft and chewy?
I made my cookie dough and everything and I’m going to bake them soon. My mom always makes chocolate chip cookies and they always turn out flat and not as soft as I like them, but this time I made them by myself and want them to stay soft because I love soft, chewy cookies. So can anyone help me on how long I should bake them and any tips to make them stay soft and chewy for days? Thx!

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Answer by Jon
I’m not sure exactly how to make them soft and chewy, but if you want to keep them soft once you make them soft, put the cookies in a container, and put a piece of bread on the top. Then put the lid on the container. This keeps em’ soft.

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  1. eleven says:

    Pull the cookies out a few minutes earlier while they’re still partially underbaked.
    For future reference, tips to make softer cookies include using yolks instead of the whole egg, making sure the butter is creamed and fluffy enough, and use brown sugar instead of white.
    To make hard cookies soft again, take a slice of plain bread and put it in a plastic bag with the hardened cookies and give it a day. It softens them right up.

  2. Love Puppy says:

    Hay my name is Erin to except I spell it eryn anyway take them out when they are brown around the edges not the middle the middle will look raw but it is cooked enough for the eggs not to be raw

  3. Joanne A. says:

    Home made cookies will turn hard after a day or so. Try wrapping them in plastic wrap or putting them into a container with a tight lid. Let them cool first.

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