How can i make a cookie bouquet?

Question by Ladybug: How can i make a cookie bouquet?

I would like to make something like that.

i usually have “quests” i like to accomplish in cooking, for example this week was stuffed peppers. Now i have a new quest … i would like to make a cookie lower bouquet.

Has anyone every made one? can you teach me?

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Answer by Melanie
take a popsicle stick and some icing sugar and stick it to the cookie.

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  1. old lady says:

    There are two ways to do this. One is to make the cookies, then cut out a background shape, and ‘glue’ the cookies on with icing.
    The other is to get some pasta – not spaghetti, because it isn’t thick enough – but round pasta that you can put behind the cookies and attach (again with icing) as a stem. Then place the stems carefully as you would place flowers in a bouquet. If you notice the illustration, the background is tissue paper – if you were to use green tissue paper, it would give the impression of foliage.
    Good luck!
    And even if it doesn’t turn out spectacularly, it still tastes good…….

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