How can I find the motivation to make Halloween sugar cookies today?

Question by Sexy Texy: How can I find the motivation to make Halloween sugar cookies today?
For some reason this is an all-day process for me. Make the dough, let it chill, roll them out, cut them, bake them (and I usually make about 4 dozen), wait for them to completely cool, frost them, sprinkle them.


Someone help me find the motivation lol

BQ: What is your favorite cookie cutter shape? (Doesn’t have to be Halloween).

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Answer by Stefanie Depefanie
Hahahaha… Just look up a few recipes, the lovely pictures that go with it will inspire you. And put on some music and let people (kids) help you, it’s fun! And consider the happy faces of the receiving party =)

I only have heart shaped cookie cutters, so that’s my favorite :p

Have fun ;)

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  1. Flo says:

    Just start doing it.
    I don’t have a favorite cookie cutter shape.

  2. She Is My Sunshine! says:

    OMG, Just know I wish I was in your spot and even got the CHANCE to do that all day. You could be sitting in my gray cubical on Y!A and installing software over a slow network today… This will be an all day process to.

    BQ – Xmas Tree, Cause you get to do the green sparkle sprinkles and then the other decorations, they are super fun!

  3. momma dread says:

    ooooh… i’d really really love you with all my heart if you could send me some suger cookies…

  4. ♥Holly♥ Mama to Jaden and Rylee says:

    I don’t know how to help you get motivated. I am NOT motivated myself at all today. I am at work and half asleep. Rylee has a cold and isn’t sleeping at night. UGH I am a walking zombie today.

    If you really want sugar cookies, just do it. Once you start it won’t be so bad, and then you HAVE to finish it.

    BQ-I like the letter shapes LOL I like to spell stuff with cookies.

  5. Taylor Gratzer says:

    Think about how they’ll taste.

    BA: A star is my favorite, I like to nibble off each of the ends, then chomp down the middle.

  6. Olivia is one year old!! says:

    EAsy! Its fun! I made my dough last night, it is chilling now. Tonight I will cut and bake. I am making more tomorrow night with my 3 year old, I can’t wait! I love this kind of stuff. And I work full time. If I had all day, i’d do cupcakes too!!!

  7. This Never Gets Old says:

    I found the motivation to make homemade chicken pot pie, it was THE BEST! There’s your motivation because you know those cookies will be good.

    Favorite shape is a heart.

  8. Babygirl2008 says:

    Oh my god you’ve got me so temped to do my boyfriend’s cupcakes for his birthday next wednesday. And I got such a awesome deal on the cake mix and icing. He has a huge sweet tooth just like me lol!
    So of course making some really good chocolate one’s and then gonna write some stuff on them with blue icing on top of the chocolate icing yum! He’ll love it! And last year I made him a even bigger cake for his birthday and he loved it. The sugar cookies sound really cute to make for the kids to pass out once you wrap them up good luck!

  9. ♥Mama de Hayzea y Cruz♥ says:

    Oh crap! I was supossed to make cookies today too! For my kids and nephews treat bags…

    I am such a goober with cooking, I bought a bucket of halloween cutters, i think there were 18 in it, I like them all!

    In general, a leaf, I can make alot with that, weird i know

  10. sandhillkar says:

    Try this recipe that you do not roll out with a rolling pin

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