How can I bake cookies for my family?

Question by : How can I bake cookies for my family?
I always dream that I can bake cookies for my family, but my house doesn’t have to oven. The ingredients aren’t the problem. Can anyone help me?

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Answer by Jonathon
to oven? you mean two ovens or an oven? if you have only one oven you can bake them if you have no oven you might be out of luck or try asking a friend if you can use their kitchen/oven to make some

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  1. T O says:

    Doesn’t have an oven? Is that what you meant to say?

    If you only have a burner or stove top to cook on, you can make no-bake cookies. My kids love them.

    I would let them boil for 90 seconds though, rather than 1 minute. They may not harden if you don’t boil them long enough – but not longer than that, or they’ll be brittle.

    Some people really like these, too:

  2. le coq géant says:

    To oven? Well, to bake anything in a house an oven (or a to oven) is a necessity. You cannot bake cookies in a microwave.

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