Honey Banana Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

These cookies use honey and the banana for sweetness and are lower in fat than your average cookie. A great way to use up over-ripe bananas! Recipe at http:/…

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  1. TitliNihaan says:


  2. WalkInPower says:

    Time to make these for my gluten-free workmates again. They say they’re the best gluten free cookies they’ve had! (I use a really good gluten free flour and gluten-free rolled oats, of course.) It’s difficult for the GF folks to find soft, fluffy baked goods so your recipe is MUCH loved!

  3. TitliNihaan says:

    Use the Old Fashioned Quaker Oats, not the instant ones!

  4. HersCHeLLe PiNTo says:

    could i use quaker oats instead of rolled oats…
    cud i ask u a question wat r rolled oats????????

  5. HersCHeLLe PiNTo says:

    could i just use quaker oats ….instead of rolled oats….
    cud i ask u a question what r rolled oats……. ??????????

  6. TitliNihaan says:

    Of course!!

  7. Nachwa Taybi says:

    I’m kind of addicted on chocolate !! so can I some chocolate chips to this recipe !!

  8. ChasinAngels says:

    I’ve made these yesterday and we both loved them. Thanks Titli. I added some raisins and made slightly bigger cookies and they were wonderful.

  9. Rafael Fracassio says:

    I am Brazilian, and was looking for a recipe its kind, but not found. Videos Brazilians still has this recipe I copy into our language? Sorry, but I do not speak English. Congratulations video

  10. TitliNihaan says:

    Greetings :-) 

  11. TitliNihaan says:

    They should taste of banana but it sounds like you didn’t cook them quite long enough. They should be firm and chewy.

  12. nicmagnobono says:

    Lady TitliNihaan thank you for your recipe, simple to make and very good. she is an actress? listen to she certainly is a pleasure. greetings from nicmagnobono-italy -. cordial greetings

  13. vivian leung says:

    dear titli, i followed this recipe and it turned out all right. however, the only thing that was a bit weird was the cookies tasted like a banana cake and the surface was kinda too soft. was that normal? thank you!

  14. mura1120 says:

    I made this cookies. These are amasing!!! I really like these cookies very much!!! Thank you Ms Titli for sharing this delicious recipe!!! :)

  15. TitliNihaan says:

    Glad to hear you liked them :-)

  16. WalkInPower says:

    I just made these for the gang at work tomorrow and they turned out better than I had hoped! I used a gluten free flour because some of the ladies at work tend to miss out on a lot of homemade treats because of gluten allergies.

    I really love how they aren’t too sweet. The banana flavor comes through and the spices are the absolute perfect undertones. They’re so easy to make and I couldn’t believe how easily they formed and slide off the baking sheet!

    These are a keeper! Thank you!

  17. sujin0713 says:

    Thank you titli for this awesome recipe!My whole family LOVED it and theey are asking for more!

  18. xXMagrollXx says:

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  19. Esho Daniel says:

    usually when there bottled eggs, theyre almost always just egg whites with yellow food coloring.

  20. Harrisbeep says:

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  21. gouda50swiss says:

    The chicken thing was totally irrelevant ..

  22. Todd Wende says:

    Why do they egg whites look yellow?

  23. Jacob Ketcher says:

    I made these and they tasted great :) Can’t wait for the cookbook!

  24. timothyenriquelee says:

    Michael, used your recipe with half the ingredients and just a smidgen more apple sauce. Added in a few chocolate chips to each cookie too. This made 4 cookies (4.5/20/16) @ 325 in 11 minutes in my toaster oven. Next time, I’m gonna try grinding up the oats in a blender first, use twice the amount of apple sauce, then everything else the same. Gonna make them thinner too (6-8 cookies in half recipe, instead of 4). Hopefully a little less fluffy/dense and more crispy.

  25. Darrin Bennett says:

    the oven temp in Celcius would be awesome as well Michael. We dont use Farenheit down under!

  26. ufoshop says:

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  27. Kia Alston says:

    How many cookies is a serving?

  28. TwMediaFlims says:

    Followed this and it came out like shit. Should call them Eggie cookies what a waste…

  29. addictive blahblahblah says:

    uh… I’d replace the 4 eggs with 6, axe some apple sauce and add in oat meal powder instead of the protein powder. More healthy carbs, less sugar and what not.

    Fucking love oatmeal cookies.

  30. manuel gonzalez says:

    fuck off

  31. isa0213 says:

    Can you add peanut butter to the same recipe ??

  32. Karma esh says:

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  33. 1life2liveone says:

    I love this guy.

  34. ellie sheppard says:

    i out cinnamon and stevia on my tomatoes lol

  35. Yavor Stankov says:

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  36. Matīss Freimanis says:

    yes, just egg whites. It’s best not to eat egg yolks. Only 1 or 2 in a week. Have a nice cooking ^ ^

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