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Sweet Potato Treats with Organic Blueberry,Honey Topping. Explanation in video. My dogs go absolutely nuts for these. There are so many different ways to mak…
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  1. MrErnieHanks says:

    2:52 Mocking Jesse :D 

  2. MrErnieHanks says:


  3. Jacques Custer says:

    why don’t you ever wait till the prank is over, like letting Jes swallow

  4. Vardan Mak says:

    put dog food in cocoa puffs

  5. A.R SMITH says:

    The dog cookies aren’t made out of chocolate they are made out of something
    for dogs that looks like chocolate 

  6. N. Pineda says:

    Put dog food in reces pufs

  7. Vivian Nguyen says:


  8. Rachel Chng says:

    you should buy the chocolate doggy treat then say heres a gift for you for
    pranking you then say im sorry

  9. 12Poet14 says:

    Her dad is really handsome!

  10. hey555566667777 says:

    eww why did she touch and smell the cookies and put them back… thats

  11. nathan seveneightseveneight says:

    I watched like 100 videos…and now I know who he reminds me… of
    rocky…love ya brother…keep up the good work.

  12. Destini Lopez says:

    She’s so mean

  13. Sarah Je says:


  14. Kitty Cat says:

    dogs get sick if they eat choco

  15. Cazz Boyd says:

    im hungry for cookies

  16. pretzelover says:

    That was so cute when she said her dad bought if for him and he wouldn’t
    spit it out because he didn’t want to be rude. Aww :D 

  17. knight wolves says:

    was the cookies mad out of chocolate

  18. Nyla Pesantes says:

    Like in full house uncle Jessie

  19. Sourjacks204 says:

    I’m sure Jesse wanted to disappear when jeana said her dad got it for him,
    he couldn’t even look at her dad anymore! Aww :D 

  20. Benjamin Karlsen says:

    2:45 reminded me of full house.

  21. Fadime Uzun says:

    I like that prank

  22. MasMike1980 says:

    2;45 thats what happens when ur parents are cousins

  23. Destiny Peniche says:

    is not cool to mess with a man cookies

  24. Alyson michaelis says:

    Jeana’s dad “they weren’t that expensive” lol 2 bucks for a cookie yo!!!
    that is a lot

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