Homemade Cookies – How to Make the Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies

bit.lyVisit Rouxbe Cooking School to view a wide selection of online cooking classes, video cooking tips and instructional video recipes. This video shows the home cook how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie– rouxbe.com Chewy, chocolaty and super delicious, need we say more!
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  1. Chocolatemint118 says:

    Is it necessary to melt the butter and cool it? Can i just cream the butter when its room temperature?
    plzzz reply

  2. Kharisma Quijano says:

    can i make cookies without using the oven?

  3. rouxbe says:

    LInk to the printable text recipe is above under the video.

  4. Ray Pena Jara says:

    Um what are the measuring of the ingredients?

  5. simoncliquefaces says:

    These are good and super duper super delicious

  6. Joey Lewis says:

    It doesn’t give the measure ments :( May I ask what they are?

  7. rouxbe says:

    I wish you hadn’t said that, now I want cookies…..

  8. cssc0418 says:

    Tried this, holy delicious!!! chew chew cheww~~~ smells and taste too good!!

  9. Keshav Prasath A says:

    Gonna try these :-

  10. sophiaan000 says:

    Are these cookies chewy?

  11. إسراء سليم says:

    اعتقد انه لذيذ جداً

  12. dezerai haryis says:

    Your a bitch!

  13. Joel Ramos says:

    my cookies let me eat it mmm love it :)

  14. Coolcreegle says:

    so…. hungry… 

  15. rouxbe says:

    That’s fantastic! You must have done an excellent job baking them.

  16. Larissa Boo says:

    Yhank you ! I made more than 50 dollars WITH your recipe thank you <3 !

  17. rouxbe says:

    Someone used the milk in their coffee on shoot day and that’s all we had left but we didn’t change the VO.

  18. Simon Chiu says:

    Wait….. A BIG glass of whole milk? I can only see 1/4 cup

  19. Megan Holbrook says:

    Thanks very much for the video! Off to the kitchen to get baking!!

  20. donditopacio says:

    i made thus it was delish

  21. Brianna Vazquez says:

    my cookies came out like shit

  22. 604aloha says:

    How many gram is one cup?

  23. Treelawny says:

    2:40 ya (big) glass

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