Holiday Treat: Pilgrim Hat cookies for Thanksgiving!

Holiday Treat: Pilgrim Hat cookies for Thanksgiving!

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  1. CoCoAMV says:

    I tried this but with mini marshmallows, they were sooo cute :D

  2. imari menefee says:

    halloween cooking with bethany. ? :)  ♥

  3. missrosebud286 says:

    did you notice that when she showed you the pan after she put the buckles on there as one missing ;)

  4. atl271 says:

    You look SO PRETTY! <3 <3 <3

  5. ailatanaidan says:

    In canada thanksgiving is today

  6. kittykat0678 says:

    todays thx giving yeah no school

  7. Megan Vansickle says:

    thanksgiving is today :)

  8. Erin Readling says:

    Loved it, I’m definitely trying that recipe. Thanks!

  9. singuntothelord1998 says:

    You’re super pretty! Love the video :)

  10. anusha ghimirey says:

    please watch my viodes

  11. anusha ghimirey says:

    could u do leaves and primigens

  12. Char Char says:

    watching this in 2012 hehe whatevs

  13. allynorthcott says:

    I want u to do Moreton thisyear maybe u could make witches brooms and witches heads

  14. VasHappeningHazza says:

    it wouldn’t completely cover all of them and it would be messier.

  15. BaochauTranbC says:

    imade balls instead

  16. emma ropemaster says:

    Awwww I got to make it

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