Holiday Cookies: Snickerdoodle Tutorial

Originally posted to YourHome4theHolidays channel last year, here is my tutorial for making one of my favorite Christmas cookies – Snickerdoodles! :) Happy H…
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Easy round cookies used to then decorate a Dollar store Christmas tree. If you enjoy my video please subscribe & share. Happy Holidays! Marlyn.
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  1. KayKay Witchy says:

    love snickerdoodles yum yum…..

  2. theysaidrocknroll says:


  3. Haniela's says:

    So adorable! Happy New Year Marlyn.

  4. Montreal Confections says:

    Gifting your cookies in a new way

  5. BarclayTheDevilDog says:

    What a clever presentation for your cookies! Beautiful! *wag, wag,

  6. michele sullivan says:

    Marlyn, you are a genius. What an incredible display & gift for the
    ornament cookies. As always, thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  7. Cate Cole says:

    Please mention something about Charlie’s crafty kitchen she wants to beat
    her aunt ( my cupcake addiction)in subscribers she is only 7-8

  8. Debbi Culp Hook says:

    Incredibly cute, as always! 

  9. Jackie Wilson says:

    How long do your cookies last or stay fresh?

  10. Barbara Greenwell says:

    Wonderful idea Marilyn.

  11. Coni Beal says:

    You are so clever!

  12. Roxanne B says:

    You always come up with the best unique ideas!! Thank you!

  13. Jenn says:

    May I ask, how do you dry your cookies? Do you put them in air-tight
    containers while the icing hardens, or just leave them on the counter?
    Because when I recently made a bunch for Christmas gifts, I was mainly
    scared that they would start to go soft from the air, lose their crispness.

  14. Linda Clodfelter says:

    Good morning Marilyn, I’ve already made myself crazy and not finished yet.
    Adorable idea but I think anything other than putting them in a gift box
    would take me over the edge at this point. Maybe next year!

  15. Dimy Ssg says:

    You are amazing. Thank you again. 

  16. Shannon Rivington says:

    awesome idea… as usual!

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