High-Protein Bodybuilding Oatmeal Cookies

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  1. Niles West says:

    Im thinking of buying strawberry since i ran out of chocolate

  2. SkinheadxG says:

    Has any one tried it with out the unsweetened apple sauce and the stevia

  3. Wal Sid says:

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  5. Miroslav Peric says:

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  6. almirjuventus says:

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  7. tabishkhan100 says:

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  8. joealtair3000 says:

    tried them twice the first time they were incrediby rubbery and bland. i then tried a different type of apple sauce, they were again bland but this time hard

  9. Anthony Gobrial says:

    And what does one cookie/one serving equate too?

  10. Anthony Gobrial says:

    What’s the temp you cooked these at?

  11. bodybuildingcookbook says:

    Great ideal for bodybuilding recipes!

  12. jBousti says:

    what does scoop on proteinpowder means? could someone tell me

  13. psykofreaksz says:

    Nutritional Facts here(new)(Done 5 cookies, used ON Gold Standard Whey):

    **Like to keep it up!**

    Per servings(1 cookie):
    - 290 Calories
    - 3.8g Fat (From Oats, Olive oil, Whey)
    - 25.1g Carbohydrate(From Oats, Whey, Apple Sauce, maybe a little from others)
    - 26g Protein(From Whey, Egg Whites, Oats)
    - 135mg Sodium
    - 36mg Potassium

  14. psykofreaksz says:

    made in error while doing the nut facts, ill correct it, i did olive oil x 5 i think :O

  15. esbnoe77 says:

    Will sure try them since I need lots of protein thank you!!

  16. hewhocantBEstopped says:

    Is that for 1 cookie? or the entire serving (5)

    p.s. where did all the fat come from? lol

  17. Andrew Cooper says:

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  18. mykymyky0001 says:

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  19. Rob Redford says:

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  20. blasteur says:

    Thanks for the video.

    Pretty good cookies. Added raspberries to them and now can’t stop making them :)

  21. mandja grozde says:

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  22. Pico Soriano says:

    are this quite low cal asa well. will try them out been looking for a low cal or hi pro oatmeal cookie. looks yummy..

  23. Arun Limbu says:

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  24. Bikash Acharya says:

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