I need help! I followed the ingredients on the back of the Nestles chocolate chips and made the cookies, BUT THEY TURNED OUT LIKE CAKE!!!! =( I HAVE to have them perfect for thanksgiving. I am going to my fiance families’ house and I REALLY need to make a good impression on them. PLEASE HELP! The ingredients I used are as followed 2 1/4 all purpose flower, 1 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. salt, 2 sticks of butter, 3/4 sugar, 3/4 packed brown sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla extract, 2 large eggs, and some chocolate chips for the test run to make sure that they would be wonderful cookies but the turned out to be cake like! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!???!!! I need to figure it out before 11:00 tonight because I will be spending all of tomorrow and Wednesday baking! =( There is already an age issue between the familes and they don’t even know my real age yet! =( Its too much of a long story just PLEAASE help me figure out what I am doing wrong!
It is stick butter we tried it melted and then sort of melted but not really nothing seems to be working I am going to try chilling it for 15 mins, but if you have other suggestions PLEASE feel free to say them!
Oh an also, I am good at cooking meats and my fiance is good at noodles. I haven’t made cookie in years, I think Grilling and cooking is easy. BUT I never said BAKING was. I LOVE cooking I have a knack for it. But not when it comes to baked goods. If I thought it was easy I woudn’t be asking for help and would be trying to figure t out myself ^_^ Thanks for the suggestion though!

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Answer by missmack
Are you using softened butter (not melted)? Try chilling the dough for 15 minutes before baking.

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  1. trifrog7 says:

    Oh no! Cookie problems!
    I actually had this happen to me, the same exact thing.
    Make sure the butter is melted before you stir it in, also make sure you are using real butter (not a spread or Smart Balance, etc). Make sure its a stick of margarine or butter.
    If you are using real butter try lessening the flour amount in half as well as the baking soda amount and maybe add some canola or vegetable oil.
    That should fix your problem! =)

  2. Marcellines says:

    The answer could be a combination of several things. It could be the temperature of the oven, either it is too hot (over 350), your location (the height), and finally you did not let the dough rest and get cold in the refrigerator for at least several hours. One last thing, did you use real butter, or did you use margarine? Use the best real butter you can find, and don’t overworked the dough. So you think that cooking was easy, huh?

  3. needtoknow says:

    The butter was too soft.

  4. friendofchip says:

    this is baking 911,
    some common mistaeks plus good recipes.
    What went wrong, possibles here…

    and how to bake cookie

    YOu seemed to use a lot of sugar, this wil break the flour/egg bond up by making them like fudge- or in this case, cake.
    Why so much sugar?
    Anyway, see about getting a bit less sugar perhaps and also please use GOOD chocolate broken up pieces for the chips- don’ t use those nasty little plasticky chips that tollhouse sells in a pcket. Get good quality- like Lindt, and break a bar of chocolate up into pieces with a knife, so you have big and small chunks.If you are going to make chocolate chip cookies, they will be ruined by poor quality chips, Use Lindt it’s available at every supermarket.
    And use unsalted butter.
    Personally I use oil, a lot fo people will scream NO, but this is silly, With the recipe I use, it is oil and not butter and this makes VERY ummy gooey moist cookies, with brown sugar and brown rice syrup- and chocolate chunks.
    They are so moist, light, and chewy, yet they hold together very well and don’t go dry ever. Even after bout a week, they are still chewy and moist.
    It is complete myth that you must use butter. Not true. I always use oil, and they taste better and less rancid than whenever I used butter.
    Also, you can put them in the fridge, and they do not go hard.
    Nor do they leak out and melt when you leave them out in room temperature. I also only use one egg and 1 egg yolk. Too much white, makes the biscuit brittle and likely to crumble.

  5. Rab says:

    Hi littleO , Are you sure the recipe Called for baking soda – and not baking powder ? Also there seems a lot of sugar and butter ratio for the mix and quantity of flour. Without knowing exactly what cookie you want, if I were you not having a lot of time I would google the recipe for the cookies you want I am sorry if this is not a great deal of help.
    By the way I don’t think biscuits or cookies will make a good impression. — You will if you just be yourself ! All the best Rab.

  6. Jo M says:

    That’s the classic Tollhouse recipe, so the ingredients and measurements given are correct.

    Baking can be more unforgiving of “an extra dash of this” and “a little less of that.”

    Measure the all-purpose white flour exactly, using a knife edge to level off the flour in the cup–don’t use rounded measurements–this might be where the error occurred. Did you mistakenly use whole wheat flour or bread flour?

    Use solid stick butter or margarine, not tub, whipped or “low/no-fat” types.

    Mix the ingredients in the order following the directions.

    Don’t melt the butter, but it shouldn’t be rock-hard straight out of the refrigerator, either.–Cream it with a mixer–a lot–with the sugars exactly as directed.

    Make sure you didn’t confuse teaspoons with tablespoons.

    Make sure your oven is at the temp it should be–use an oven thermometer and preheat the oven at least 1/2 hour before you put the cookies in.

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