Help I want to make a really big cookie but I can’t find any molds?

Question by winnerfull-1: Help I want to make a really big cookie but I can’t find any molds?
except gingerbread men I wanted to do like a heart or a star or anything with a odd shape other then round , but I cant find anything over 8 inches (If only I was looking for a man!)
anyway I want something that over a foot and a half any suggestions where I look and purchase a giant cookie cutter?

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Answer by Chris André
Use a pizza cutter=D

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  1. willa says:

    try to roll out, or pat out, the dough and cut out the shape you want. baking it on a pizza pan is a good idea also. it gives you more space for shapes like hearts and stars.

  2. eehco says:

    just use a specialty formed cake pan or pizza pan and shape the dough into what you want.

  3. farquark says:

    Depending on what kind of cookie you’re making, you might be able to trim it while it’s warm.

    If it’s a tollhouse cookie, spread an entire batch of cookies on a cookie sheet that you’ve lined with non-stick foil (leave extra at both ends so you can lift it out of the pan when it’s cool.) Bake it like you’re making bars. Cool completely.

    When it’s totally cool, lift the cookie from the cookie sheet by holding onto the foil. With a sharp knife, you should be able to cut it into whatever shape you want. It will also work with a pizza pan, if you want something more round, like a heart or star.

    Good luck!

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