Heather Speaks – Watermelon Chocoloate Chip Cookies in Japan

Today I will show you Mister Itou’s Watermelon Chocolate Chip Cookies in Japan. —– This is my video blog. I try to post something at least three times a w…
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  1. AkumaXKami says:

    Ooh, I love watermelon flavored things!

  2. Nana Q says:

    I think I’ll stick to the rose flavored cookies XD they are so good!

  3. Tnakamura11 says:

    Japanese fruits are expensive, but they taste good.

  4. Kreynor81 says:

    wait… what? watermelon…. cookies? :o I don’t even know if we have
    anything watermelon-flavored here in Italy :/ Not even juice I think.

  5. timetogotosleepzzz says:

    I saw these cookies and made myself some watermelon juice XD

  6. Dilnm33 says:

    I want this *-*

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