Healthy Protein Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe

Healthy, easy to make protein peanut butter cookies! Total calories in 12 cookie batch = 1813 calories Fat = 119g Carbohydrates = 95g Protein = 123g Divide …
Video Rating: 4 / 5 you can find detailed recipes at my website and also find many videos with recipes at …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. LC88Chavez says:

    These cookies came out soft and delicious! Thanks

  2. RobRobJuice says:

    These cookies tasted great! I noticed that if you keep them in room-temperature for a couple of days, they become even better!

  3. Syberious Broman says:

    you…you hate… peanut butter?? :(

  4. coolm20000 says:

    All the little protein fairies die in the evil fire from the stove monster… no. I hope you haven’t been eating raw chicken too.

  5. skituljkodusan says:

    Buff Dudes, dont you lose the protein from whey because of the heat of cooking?
    Great channel btw!

  6. PetePanama40 says:

    Just cooked these. Came out Great. Keep the vids coming.

  7. Larcifron says:

    Love the video! You guys rock larger than a boulder! But how much is “1 cup”? Any other measurements for europeans? :)

  8. twzflipside says:

    You guys are freakin’ awesome!!!!!

  9. BartGBx says:

    how many is gram peanut butter / whey ?? i don’t get the weird measurements :/

  10. ITA LIA says:

    Awesome recipe(s) GUYS! Glad I found your channel. SUBBED!

  11. Godwin Banzuelo says:

    OMG THIS WAS DELICIOUS, thanks you guys, and now im 1 stepp closer to becoming a B.U.F.F Dude!

  12. Tupua Tamasese says:

    what does cardboard taste like?

  13. mikelennonn says:

    is buff an acronym?

  14. CoverdaleBlue1 says:

    An egg, unless it’s been fertilized, is not an animal, it’s an animal product. Deal with it and please stop pestering everybody with your vegetarianism, these are not meat cookies :o )

  15. VIKESHHHHHHH says:

    y egg always..m a vegy :)

  16. sean wilson says:

    i found on site the peanut butter cookies, but i don’t see these ones…

  17. Borbuster says:

    Weights are better. You should weight your ingredients.

  18. Farah Ali says:

    Hi chef! Amazing recipe though I wish you’d tell the measurements in cups and spoons.. I can convert but its not always the same…

  19. Amita Baluni says:

    Hi,What is the shelf life of these cookies?

  20. phobia6661 says:

    Chef, I observed that since past 1 or 2 recipies you dont mention adding baking soda / powder. Do we skip this or do not add it ?

  21. Preethi Sriram says:

    Can u tell me what to do to make eggless version … Pls chef…

  22. Rianka Bhattacharya says:

    I know baking requires precise measuements…but cup ranges are standard measurements in US…and you can also buy these measurement cups and spoons in stores..these are not the usual household cups and spoons…:)

  23. Aiswarya Jayaraj says:

    cookie chef..!!! yay.. we love all his recipes.. keep going and motivate us to be awesome foodies too..

  24. ImageSC1 says:

    Baking works most consistently if you use mass instead of volume for ingredients, which is probably why he’s doing it the way he is.

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