Healthy Dog Cookies – Easy Recipe (soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, & corn-free!) Marta bakes healthy and organic cookies for Buf and Henry. Brock mentions that the Hannon Group will be giving Fit For Two TV a prize to give away at the end of every month for the rest of the year! This month it’s a Garlic Roaster! http And leave a comment on the web site to win Lebert Stretch Straps!
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In this video I show how I make liver dog cookies. If you’re like me and do not want to feed your dog store bought treats and food then this video is for you. At least this is food you can trust, unlike the myriad of dog foods and treats being recalled for sickening and killing dogs. See this link and all the recent recalls:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

  1. veganmom100 says:

    Great recipes; however, it’s difficult to hear what she says. She should have a microphone or the videorecorder should get closer to her. No problem hearing him though. Thanks guys!

  2. Ctrinny says:

    Wow! I’m going to try this out. I never thought of substituting rice flour for wheat flour. Thank you =)

  3. 182BIGmac says:

    i like to put the eggs in the food blender with the livers it makes it more of a smooth puree and its easier to work with but thanks!

  4. OscarMaris says:

    I hate liver. it tastes like the devil.

  5. BeccaLuvz Ponies says:

    aww your dog(s) is soo lucky they have such a good and caring owner!!!

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