Healthy Cookies : Icing Recipe for Christmas Cookies

Healthy Cookies : Icing Recipe for Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are not complete without some delicious icing on top. Get an icing recipe for Christmas cookies with help from a vegan baker in this free v…

Get fit w/ me! See my workouts & more Try this healthy cooking recipe in college when a sugar craving strikes! These microwaveable t…

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  1. cosmlayla says:

    For a vegan you use a lot of refined sugar. I’d like to see some recipes
    without refined sugars and flours.

  2. whisperingn00b says:

    damnit i’m allergic to bananas xD

  3. Annisa Nur Hady Ramadhani says:

    Can I use muesli instead of that oats and dried fruit? Or is it the same? 

  4. julie kuneha says:

    maybe you got this idea from blogilates….. lol

  5. TheCaseyLouise says:

    Just tried this and loved it! Couldn’t even eat half a cookie it was so

  6. Junior Laulala says:

    omg love this recipes, please make more !!!!! :) 

  7. becker3030 says:

    Can;t wait to try thanks for this recipe :)

  8. holdendmb says:

    I just made this, and my kids and I all loved it! Thanks for the great,
    easy idea!

  9. Viktória Gál says:

    Thank you for all these great ideas, Sarah! I love your channel! You,
    Cassey and some other YouTubers have helped me a lot to become healthier
    and happier. :) <3 You do a lot more than you might think.;)

  10. Natalie Horn says:

    gotta try this :) thanks for the recipe! does it actually get hard and dry
    so that you can travel with it? as in put it in your bag for on the go?

  11. TheAquariusDoll says:

    Pleassse do more of these videos <3 ! I’m a student and i did this this
    morning before school only with the banana and oats and it was delicious !
    thnk you, xx from France ^^

  12. sylvia perry says:

    Love the recipe!! Make

  13. nessanatascha says:

    How many watts did you set the microwave on? (I’m from Germany and I have
    to choose watt and time if I do something with the microwave…) I would
    love to try this recipe!

  14. Ivana Gump says:

    don’t fool yourselfr.. that bowl a goo ain’t cookiez

  15. itschelseytyler says:

    Any substitute for the oats?

  16. calibeauty28 says:

    Hey sarah I had a good idea for a series. Yoga Sundays. I always wanna do
    yoga on Sundays but my gym doesn’t have a class. I would love if u showed
    us a quick yoga routine to recharge. Love ur videos

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