Healthy Cookies: Boot Tracks Recipe

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Get the recipe and measurements: Hello everyone! I decided to make a recipe video for these yummy banana oatmeal cookies which are v…

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  1. OMGshinyobject says:

    How in the fuck is this even remotely healthy? Lol

  2. larah fay says:

    Sometimes I wonder about this channel lol. Too much suger. 

  3. Haloskeeper1 says:

    That looks amazing. But for people like me that eat hardly any sugar could
    never do this. I need low to sugar free things like this…

  4. Ornella Nelly says:

    Sorry, healthy? 

  5. Lena Catalina says:

    lovely :D 

  6. Lolita Hunter says:

    These cookies ARE amazing! I often make them, especially when I need some
    snack on the go. Interesting idea to add buckwheat, I’m gonna try it next
    time. Thanks for the video! 

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