Halloween Ideas?

Question by Koala Bear: Halloween Ideas?
I have a ten year old brother, who is autistic. So he gets scared easily. I am 13. My mom and dad want to decorate our house not too scary for him but still fun and not tottally lame for me. Any Ideas??

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Answer by halle_berrie_9
You could have him help make the decorations that way he knows that it is not scary you could also use colorful streamers and pumpkins. In stead of you know ghosts and witches.

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  1. Austin D says:

    get som round pebbles about the size of a half dollar wrap a napkin around and add a rubber band ar ound the middle it should look like a ghost hang alot up around the trees hang cotton up around the door and on porch get little pumpkins and put all over porch get smiling plastic scelatines and hang up get window stickers that look like witches and stuff put dry ice and water in plastic cauldrons it will have lots of fog coming from inside it will look like withes brew hope thats not too lame have fun decorating

  2. ricogoldstar says:

    The best way for your brother not to get scared is to make him a part of the decoration process. Have the family cut out and decorate jack-o-lanterns with him. Bake Halloween cookies and make candy apples with him. Involve him somehow. Have him make and help put up some decorations. He is less likely to be afraid of something that he helped make or that he has been shown that it is all fake, before the decorations go up. Small Scarecrows and stuffed crows aren’t really that scary. Try a lot of outside decorations for the house that your brother won’t see all the time. Remember, you could always go to a party or a dance or something fun for your age group later. So as far as the house goes just try and make it fun and a little less scary for your brother’s sake. Halloween can be a fun event for the whole family. Costumes, candy, parties, and the decorations are a major part of creating the Halloween spirit. Enjoy!

  3. <3 rachie <3 says:

    use fall decorations instead of halloween. like indian corn, streamers, pumpkins, hay bells, that kinda stuff. its still festive and even pretty! have fun! :)

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